Identify the quality of cooked tung oil

March 17, 2019

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As for the problem of the presence or absence of dopants, tell everyone a method: first find a clean white paper, the thinner the better, the effect is more obvious. Dip a little bit of cooked tung oil with your fingers, apply it to the white paper, spread it evenly, let the paper eat the tung oil, and smear both sides of the white paper. The area should be as wide as possible. Put it in the shade and let it dry naturally. After being completely dried, the white paper of the cooked tung oil without the dopant is softened and the toughness is relatively strong; on the contrary, it is brittle and easy to crack. You can also ignite this white paper. After burning it, if there is only tung oil taste, then there is no dopant; if there are other pungent smells, huh, huh~~~ please use it carefully!! The color problem, specifically, There is no fundamental change in color (including wood products), but after using tung oil, it will show oil immersion (the color after soaking a piece of dry wood into the water).

Add a little more: Before wiping tung oil, the wood that needs to be wiped with tung oil should be dry. After each wiping, wait until the tung oil is completely dry, then wipe it a second time. After each use of the cotton cloth, soak it in tung oil for convenient use next time. If it is exposed to the air, it will soon be killed. It is very hard. There is no way to use it next time, and it is wasted.

The smell of tung oil does not harm the human body. The key is to see if you adapt to this smell. If you don't like to smell it, you can wear a mask and then operate it.

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