How to choose the chicken wing wood furniture to identify the chicken wing wood furniture purchase steps and identification skills

September 15, 2020

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, consumers are increasingly interested in solid wood furniture, so mahogany furniture is very popular in the market. Redwood has five categories and eight categories in international standards, 33 kinds, so how to buy in the complicated market the real mahogany furniture to do, so Xiao Bian teach you today wenge furniture to buy and how to identify steps to wenge furniture, hoping to help you.

鸡翅木家具如何选购辨别 鸡翅木家具选购步骤以及辨别技巧

Chicken wing wood furniture purchase step one:

Consumers to buy chicken wing wood furniture, the first thing to ask is the origin, because African chicken wing wood and Myanmar chicken wing wood are very different.

Chicken wing wood furniture purchase step two:

The second is to observe the wood grain, observe whether the most conspicuous position of the furniture is a whole piece of wood, and whether there is a complete grain;

Chicken wing wood furniture purchase step three:

If there is a trace of patchwork, not a whole piece of wood, also pay attention to observe whether the wood grain is symmetrical.

Chicken wing wood furniture purchase step four:

The last thing is to see if the manual is fine. Chicken wing wood furniture buys home, and post-maintenance is very important.

鸡翅木家具如何选购辨别 鸡翅木家具选购步骤以及辨别技巧

Chicken wing wood furniture identification skills

As the wenge wood has received increasing attention, some woods with fake wenge wood have begun to appear on the market. How to distinguish the true and false of chicken wing wood has become an urgent problem for many consumers. These fake chicken wing woods have been imported from Africa in recent years. They are not the same tree species as the new and old chicken wing wood. This fake chicken wing wood texture is very beautiful. Someone who knows the old chicken wing wood will think that it is unbearable, and the beauty is too exaggerated. The color is on the convergence of the old chicken wing wood, the black and yellow, the flamboyant, the weight is too heavy. Similar to mahogany, the most uncomfortable thing is that there is a smell in the construction of fake chicken wing wood, which is very unpleasant. Guangdong people call it “seeing Guangwu”, Zhejiang people call it “Tokyo wood”, and Suzhou people call it “Shatongmu”. . Furniture made with such "chicken wing wood" must be undoubted.

鸡翅木家具如何选购辨别 鸡翅木家具选购步骤以及辨别技巧

The above related content of the chicken wing wood furniture purchase and identification will be introduced first. I hope to help the small partners who want to buy the chicken wing wood furniture. If you want to know more about the chicken wing wood furniture, please pay attention to GO. Good home

Source: GO Jiaju

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