How to buy paint and common scams

January 30, 2019

Paint is a special kind of main material for home decoration. It is a coating material with protective properties, decorative properties or other special properties applied on the surface of objects. The most commonly used paints in home decoration are wall paint and wood paint. . In general home decoration, the expenditure of paint only accounts for about 5% of the total renovation cost, but it accounts for 80% of the total renovation area. 100% determines the overall decoration effect and the living environment, which directly affects the family's health. The special status in the family decoration. Therefore, 72 Hyun home network to remind owners in the purchase of paint, be very cautious, so as not to affect the future of living.

There are many types of coatings, but there is no uniform method of division. There are generally the following categories: 1. Classification according to the morphology of architectural coatings (1) Liquid coatings (2) Powder coatings, etc.; 2. Classification according to the nature of the main film-forming substances (1 ) organic materials (2) inorganic coatings (3) organic-inorganic composite coatings; 3, according to the state of coating (1) flat paint (2) colored sand paint (3) multi-layer coating; 4, according to the building Usage of materials (1) Exterior wall materials (2) Interior wall paint (3) Roof coating (4) Floor coating (5) Roof coating; 5, Classification by performance of coating film (1) Waterproof coating (2) Fire prevention Coatings (3) Anti-corrosion coatings (4) Anti-mildew coatings (5) Anti-insect coatings (6) Co-rust coatings (7) Anti-condensation coatings.

Coating options:

How many home improvement paint brands are selected is consistent with the overall decoration style of home furnishing room. The home improvement paint that is both healthy and environmentally friendly is a problem that decorators are very concerned about. When you purchase home improvement paint, you must pay attention to the following options:

1, as far as possible to the credibility of the formal market or specialty store to buy, mainly due to the city in recent years, the quality of supervision and inspection results from the Technical and Technical Supervision point of view, these companies sell the internal wall paint sampling pass rate is higher.

2. Identify the label on the product packaging when purchasing, especially the name, address, product standard number, production date, expiration date, and product instruction manual. It is best to purchase products that have passed ISO14001 and ISO9000 certification. The quality of these products is relatively stable and there are no quality problems.

3. Purchase the product that meets the "GB18582-2001 Limits of Harmful Substances in Indoor Decoration Materials for Interior Decoration Materials" and obtain the environmental certification mark.

4. When purchasing, pay attention to observing whether the product packaging container is damaged or inflated. Shake it at the time of purchase to check for cementation. Paints that have these phenomena cannot be purchased.

5, usually the majority of paint can not open the tank on the spot to check the inherent quality of the product, so consumers must purchase the purchase invoice and other valid documents and construction instructions.

In addition, according to local conditions can choose the appropriate coating, such as the flow of the room should use a large number of anti-pollution, anti-aging, good color retention, such as strong stain resistance, good color protection, Lai Wei paint and Nalter interior wall The paint is particularly suitable for living room walls; according to the climate characteristics, the south should use a paint with good moisture resistance and mold resistance; in the north, paint with low temperature resistance and good workability should be used.

Interior paint purchase principle:

Interior wall decoration paint is one of the main materials for home improvement. The following principles are generally used for interior wall paint selection:

1. Consider functional requirements: Different functional areas require different coatings. Such as the kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the tide should use better water-resistant paint. The bedroom, living room and other parts should choose a good decorative effect, delicate layers, a certain scrub resistance performance coatings, colorful paints and so on.

2. Consider the decorative effect: As an interior wall paint, the decorative effect is very important. Because this must choose the layer to look beautiful, the color elegant and fresh paint, but also must coordinate with the furniture color.

3, consider the coating performance and construction conditions: It is generally believed that home decoration should give priority to a single-component soluble coating, the best construction method can brush. This kind of material has a small odor and is easy to operate. If solvent-based paints are used, good ventilation conditions are required. If you use two-component materials, one should pay attention to the ratio must be accurate, the second must be used within the specified time, can not be stored for a long time.

4. Select different coatings for different base layers, such as concrete and cement base layers, which require good alkali-proof coverage. Optional latex paint, scrub-resistant interior wall paint, colorful pattern paint and so on. Do not choose imitation porcelain paint on lime and plaster walls. Non-alkaline coatings should be used on wooden substrates.

5, paint is the collective name of a variety of paints, but in the sense of ordinary owners paint is generally refers to wood paint, has to protect the furniture surface and play a decorative role. The most commonly used by homeowners for decoration is polyester lacquer, which is a solvent-based paint made of polyester resin as the main film-forming raw material and added with various auxiliary materials. All of them have a corresponding shelf life, basically 12 months after leaving the factory. The shelf life of some famous brands of polyester paint is 24 months after leaving the factory. When consumers purchase paint, they should first check the date of manufacture and shelf life on the product packaging in order to prevent the purchase of paint products that have passed the shelf life or will expire.

Paint purchase tips:

Paint is an important final link in the home improvement. Low-grade and poor-quality paints are unevenly lustered. They easily become yellow and brittle, crack and peel off. This not only wastes high-quality plates, but also destroys the overall decoration effect. High-quality paint can not only make up for the defects of the pre-decoration, but also can improve the quality and grade of the entire decoration, giving the home a richer cultivation and connotation. The following 72 Hyun home network for everyone to introduce some of the most simple selection techniques.

1, buy the heaviest packaging: lift the paint bucket, shake, if there is a crackling sound, indicating a serious shortage of packaging, lack of two less, the viscosity is too low, the regular manufacturers really material, Akira flash almost hear To the sound.

2. Buying the least amount of consumption: consult the merchant about the number of painting times and the area of ​​painting, calculate the amount and cost of materials per square meter, not be deceived by the unit price of each group (barrel), the paint from the solids (filming (material) and volatile matter composition, high solid content of 70% to 80%, low of less than 10% to 20%, the unit is often very large consumption of large, more expensive and wasteful calculations, and poor quality .

3, buy a professional supporting strong: good quality products are often more professional, according to the plate texture, color, structure or use of objects have different designs and strict process requirements, and provide technical guidance and after-sales service, formal Manufacturers provide colorful sample color cards.

4, to buy business-led: the best-selling merchandise, whether the dominant position from the shelf is prominent, the size of the furnishings can be inferred.

5, buy affordable: As with other products, the paint market is also mixed. Experts reminded consumers that when buying paint, do not try to be cheap and cheap, be sure to choose a well-known brand of products, so as to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

Furniture paint purchase:

1. Polyester paint is mainly made of polyester resin. High-grade furniture is commonly used unsaturated polyester paint, which is commonly known as the piano paint, unsaturated polyester paint characteristics are: 1) The thickness of a single construction film up to 1 mm, is unmatched by other paint species; 2) paint film Plump, clear and transparent, its hardness and gloss are higher than other paint types; 3) Water resistance, heat resistance and light flame resistance for a short time is superior to other paint types; 4) Poor flexibility of unsaturated polyester paint, stress When it is easy to crack, once the paint film is damaged and difficult to repair, it should pay attention to protect the furniture when moving.

2, polyurethane paint film hard wear-resistant polished after a higher gloss, its water resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali performance, is a high-quality advanced wood paint.

3. Acrylic paint is a paint made of a copolymer of methacrylate and acrylate, among which there is a water white varnish and a white color white enamel. Acrylic paint film is bright, hard, with good color retention and gloss retention. Water resistance and adhesion are good. After being polished, the paint film is smooth and mirror-like, and it can last forever.

4, matt paint is mainly based on varnish, adding a suitable amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials blended together, due to the different amount of matting agent, the film gloss is also different. Matt gloss paint film is soft, even thin, smooth, temperature, water, acid and alkali resistant.

5, lacquer, also known as spray paint, wax grams. It is based on nitrocellulose and is made of synthetic resins, tougheners, solvents and thinners. The transparent base material that does not contain nutrients is a nitro varnish, and the opaque liquid that contains color is a nitro lacquer.

Waterproof paint purchase:

The nature of products to buy is very important. There are various types of waterproof coatings on the market currently sold, such as "slurry" and "slurry". There are also water-repellent coatings classified into type I and type II. Some people say that type II is more suitable for indoor use, but Guo Yang Lei introduced that, as long as the purchase knows what kind of nature waterproof coating on the line, the name is not important; I and II type of this classification is only the definition of the individual business, the industry does not have an authoritative division and specific standards. When consumers purchase, the most important thing is to look at the nature of the waterproof coating, generally marked as "universal" or "flexible", and then look at the ratio of mortar and emulsion, such as 12kg +8.4L; the price is also the product An important reflection of quality is that two buckets of paint of the same capacity will have a question mark on product performance if the price difference is too large.

There are products marked "kitchen and kitchen use". In fact, this is just a gimmick. General indoor waterproof paint can be used for kitchen and bathroom.

When consumers purchase waterproof coatings, it is best to go to the supermarket to purchase waterproof coatings. Because the brands in the building materials market are mixed, it is difficult to guarantee that the products they buy will be genuine.

Save money and worry, the construction team to buy building materials products have kickbacks, consumers are best to visit their own several times to buy waterproof paint building materials supermarkets, rather than the right to choose the decoration company or construction team.

Common scams in paint purchases:

One, only sales are not service

Most consumers only pay attention to the effect when they purchase paint, and ignore the service. In fact, the coating services include pre-sales consulting, construction guidance and advice during the sale, after-sales maintenance, etc., and the current coating brand does not have direct sales outlets set up by the manufacturers, all of which are resellers of products sold by the dealers, and some are not standardized. There is no service organization at all.

Many businesses only have an introduction to the product when they are selling, but they do not mention after-sales service. When the wall appears faded, powder off and other issues, nowhere to solve, most manufacturers require consumers to resolve directly with the dealer, even if the time promised home repairs, the time will be delayed again and again, and ultimately nothing.

72 Hyun home network to remind consumers: 1, under the conditions of economic conditions, try to choose brand-name products; 2, at the time of purchase on the sales staff to "site guidance" requirements, no after-sales service manufacturers generally: "No Necessary, "will not be a problem" and other arguments to shirk; 3, to the manufacturer directly call, ask the time of home repairs, good manufacturers will promise to within 24 hours of on-site service.

Second, garbage paint packaging

At present, some foreign brands of paint on the market are actually foreign-made garbage paints (overdue products) imported at a very low price, refilled at home, affixed foreign brands, replaced foreign packaging, and used consumers' Chongyang psychology is sold in the market. The profit of this coating is about 4-5 times.

This kind of product does not have the basic performance that the coating should have at the same time, will appear powder, decolorize and waits for the phenomenon within one or two months after use, and it is not environmental protection, some have already turned into taste, bring great hidden danger to human body's health.

72 Hyun home network to remind consumers: 1, understand the background and history of manufacturers; 2, buy a mature brand.

Third, the local product sells the ocean price

There are also many businesses that use consumer products that are not easily identifiable, and have given foreign names to some domestically produced products. Prices have doubled. It is understood that the practice of these products is to earn profits, many pure imported brands are now produced in the country, but the raw materials used are imported, these raw materials are of stable quality and excellent performance. The use of domestic raw materials, the local product quality is not stable, but put on a foreign brand to sell high prices, if consumers buy fake goods, spend a lot of money not to say, the effect can only look at their luck is good or bad. Lack of good luck is often a result of economic losses and spending more money, but it does not necessarily use real good products.

72 Hyun home network to remind consumers that this counterfeit foreign brands of methods exist in a variety of building materials, but generally it will take a long time before showing all kinds of misdeeds, if the owners of economic conditions do not allow, it is better to choose pure domestic brands.

Fourth, deliberately exaggerating the function

The most typical is the so-called five-in-one product that is now prevalent in the paint industry. This type of business is mainly based on consumer irrationality, lack of knowledge of paint products, and lack of comprehensive consideration of information. Businesses usually deliberately exaggerate the basic functions that common coatings should have, and carefully look at the packaging of five-in-one products. These five functions include: mildew prevention, easy scrubbing, covering micro-cracking, lasting beauty and scent. If the first three items are still considered to be a function, the last two items are entirely for the purpose of reconciliation. According to industry analysts, the anti-mildew and coverage functions of coatings are basic functions. Now they are used by businesses to make selling points. For these two functions, consumers often spend 20% more.

In view of this situation, installed cool network can only remind consumers to pay attention to their wallets, do not blindly believe that the business's hype, understand their own needs, select the appropriate product.

Five, chaos concept

The principle of this kind of scam is that merchants seize the concept of a consumer not familiar with the hype and create selling points. Such as zero-VOC coating, relevant personage analysis, under the current market situation, appear zero VOC coating is unrealistic at all. It is understood that in the process of making paints, there are some additives that are indispensable. If the basic functions of these paints are reduced, these additives will inevitably bring VOCs under the existing technological conditions. Really zero VOC, without affecting the basic function of the paint, the price will be unacceptable to consumers.

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