How does the kitchen sink make the Taichung basin?

December 30, 2020

As we all know, kitchen decoration is the most tedious part. Although the space in the kitchen is not large, there are many things to be accommodated, such as hoods, refrigerators, pots and pans and so on. The kitchen to decorate Taichung basin or under counter basin is a topic that we discuss more often. So, how about the Taichung basin with the kitchen sink? How about the Taichung basin in the kitchen? Let's take a closer look!

A. Is it possible to make a Taichung basin in the kitchen sink?

1 advantages

Taichung basin is also called flat inlay. It is in accordance with the size of the installation side of the sink, and then polished a layer of the countertops in the cabinet, and then make the sink and the table into a plane. In fact, such an installation is not only very convenient, but also very beautiful. At the same time, it can also be cleaned without difficulty, and there is no need to worry about it falling.

2. The disadvantage

There is no doubt that the Taichung basin in the kitchen also has some disadvantages. For example, the kitchen countertops are polished, which will increase the cost of polishing. And the gap between the sink and the platform is still a dead end, it is easy to have some residue residue, and so on, so as to breed bacteria. However, with the progress of the times, the installation process of the Taichung basin is becoming more and more advanced, so these phenomena will not happen.

Second, how to do Taichung kitchen?

1. Treatment of countertops

As we all know, stone countertops are not all so well handled, such as the inclusion of broken glass quartz stone, such a stone whether it is installed under the basin or Taichung basin, are not as simple as everyone imagined. Because they are easy to cause stone damage or surface pits when polished, there is no sense of beauty.

2. Large R angle sink polishing

In fact, the R-angle sinks are generally more difficult to polish, because the sink usually has a smooth corner at the most edge, if the angle of the sink is too large, it will increase the difficulty of construction when grinding, and Taiwan The same is true of the lower basin. Therefore, it is best to buy a sink in advance so that the cabinet can be installed before leaving the factory to avoid mistakes during the installation.

3. Reinforce under the table

If the thickness of the sink edge is too thick, it can be reinforced under the table. Normal stainless steel sinks do not suffer from these problems. After all, its edge thickness is about 7mm, but the thickness of cast iron or quartz stone sinks may reach 13mm. At the same time, these sinks are relatively heavy, and we can use them at the bottom. With marble adhesive glue a circle of stone reinforcement.

Conclusion of the article: We have introduced the kitchen sink as a Taichung basin , as well as the related knowledge of how to make the Taichung basin in the kitchen. We hope to give you some help. In fact, whether the kitchen is a Taichung basin or an under-basin basin, there are some advantages in the kitchen. At the same time, there are some deficiencies. Therefore, we can choose the right type according to our needs.

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