Home decoration what color is good common 5 colors recommended

January 11, 2021

The color matching in the decoration is very important, and it can make the interior more glorious with a good mix, and the decoration effect will be seriously affected if the mix is ​​not good. A friend asked, what color it a good home improvement? Let's take a look together!

1, what color is good home - white

White is the most common color in the decoration, not only wild, but also can effectively enhance the brightness of the space. However, there are many kinds of white, it is recommended that the best choice for soft white, such as white, milky white, etc., but also can be timely local color embellishment to increase the lively interior. Avoid overly monotonous white, easy to bring cold feeling.

2, what color is good home decoration - light yellow

Light yellow is warm and bright, and it is also a common main color of people's home furnishings. It not only brings comfort to the space, but also has rich meaning in feng shui, which can bring about the improvement of wealth. Especially in the home business, yellow home furnishings are more suitable.

3, what color is good home decoration - light blue

Blue is cool, and many people choose light blue as their main color. It can make people feel good and relieve anxiety, especially for people with less personality, choose light blue to decorate the home, help to improve the impulsive personality.

4, what is good color home decoration - light green

Green gives people a feeling of vitality and activity. It is suitable for young people to live in, especially the light green walls in the pastoral style, giving people a fresh and steady feeling. Not only has the effect of alleviating visual fatigue, but also a relaxed and happy mood. It is suitable for some people who work in civilian jobs, such as painters, authors and the like, and help them find better inspiration.

5, what color is good home decoration - light pink

Pink represents romance and love and is ideal for single women. Such as pink walls can make the interior more warm and romantic. However, it is not advisable to have a large area of ​​pink decoration, which can make people feel uneasy. And for couples, it is not suitable to use a lot of pink tones in the master bedroom, which can make people feel uneasy, prone to spat, and affect the couple's feelings.

Conclusion: The above is what a good home improvement of relevant content to introduce color, hoping to bring help to a friend in need, different colors gives the feeling of the room, as far as possible with the recommendations in the warm and comfortable are based not too obtrusive . If you need to learn more about the later stage, please pay attention to the information on this site.

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