Home decoration should be buried in advance for the appliance

July 11, 2019

The house in the house was just renovated. I wanted to buy electrical appliances, but found that many electrical appliances could not be installed because they did not have enough power to pre-install the wiring or reserved enough space. In order to avoid such problems, the pipeline should be buried in advance for the appliance during the decoration process.

Separate lines for microwave ovens and refrigerators

The input power of the refrigerator and microwave oven is large, which requires that its power cord must be used separately. Separate lines should be reserved before renovation, and the pipeline should be placed at a distance from the gas stove to avoid contact between the pipeline and the heat source.

Air conditioning hole before air conditioning painting

Before painting the wall, you must set the brand and model of the air conditioner, let the air-conditioning installer drill the air-conditioning hole first, and install the hooks of the indoor unit, so that the decoration effect will not be affected. The location of the socket must also be determined in advance, preferably closer to the air conditioner, and is a separate outlet that is used separately from other appliances. Generally, the output power of 1 or 2 products has an input power of about 700 watts and 1500 watts. Therefore, only 10 amps of sockets are required. However, if you have a high-powered cabinet, you must choose a professional socket.

Sound line before laying the floor

Whether you want a sound or not, you should lay the line before laying the floor. AV, video, and speaker cables must be considered in advance. Once you forget the wiring, you will buy the sound in the future, and the various types of connected lines can only go on the ground, which greatly affects the appearance.

Washing machine reserved drainage, water inlet channel

Unless the developer has already laid out the drainage channel, the hole should be pre-positioned during the renovation. At the same time, the power supply of the socket should be installed in a dry place. If the washing machine is to be placed in the bathroom, the power supply of the washing machine should be more than 1.2 meters from the ground. The position of the power supply before the decoration should be determined.

Yuba is ready for ventilation and ducting

Before installing the Yuba, you should consider the ventilation and the pipe. The Yuba can't be too close to the roof. The distance between the Yuba and the roof is between 15cm and 20cm. In order to keep the power supply away from water and avoid danger, the height of the Yuba should not be too close to the ground.

Solar water heaters in advance water distribution

Before installing the solar water heater, the decoration company should be equipped with water and wiring in advance. According to the requirements of electricity safety, the household power cord must be configured with a three-core cable, and the grounding wire should be effectively grounded, and the microcomputer control should be set at a suitable position in the residential toilet. The installation position of the device, pay attention to the arrangement of the power supply line of the water supply solenoid valve and the connection with the roof control circuit and pipeline. In order to ensure the amount of water, users who live on the top floor are better equipped with a supercharger.

Instant electric water heater to inspect the home circuit

The instant electric water heater has the characteristics of instant heat, time and electricity saving, safety and environmental protection, small and exquisite, etc., but to meet the demand of winter bathing, the maximum power of such products can not be lower than 6 kW, preferably 8 kW. The above products. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-embed a dedicated line with a section of 4-6 square millimeters during the renovation. The high-end products on the market also have the advantage of concealed installation of pipelines. If the water pipes and wires are pre-embedded according to the requirements of the products during the decoration, the overall appearance is particularly refreshing and beautiful after installation.

Water purifier water pipe connected in place

To install and use these products, you need to reserve power and water at the installation location. If you want to drink in the living room, you need to connect the water pipe to the intended location during the renovation.

Flat screen TV leaves room for cooling

Flat-panel TVs are lightweight and thin, and can be wall-mounted. However, the TV body generates a large amount of heat and requires high heat dissipation conditions. If sufficient heat dissipation space is not left, it is easy to cause the TV to be damaged due to excessive temperature. Therefore, consumers must ask professionals to install. In addition, the TV background wall must have several outlets for the needs.

Kitchen appliances, good size in advance

Power switches and sockets for range hoods, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. should be pre-designed. In addition to the embedded kitchen appliances to be bought and measured in size, the range hood should also be reserved in advance according to the size, otherwise it may not be installed because of the wrong position. Other kitchen appliances should also be considered where they are placed before the renovation, and also need to pay attention to the problem of water in the dishwasher. (Sang Xueyu Zhao Xiong)

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