High-Carbon Steel Crimped Square Wire Mesh for Vibrating Screen

June 06, 2021

  • Model NO.: CT-2
  • Application: Construction Wire Mesh, Protecting Mesh, Screen, Filter, Barbecue Wire Mesh, Fence Mesh, Decorative Mesh, Window Curtain, Cages, Mine Crimped Wire Mesh
  • Weave Technique: Plain Weave
  • Feature: Rot Proof
  • Color: Black
  • Certification: ASTM, ISO9001, RoHS, CE, 3c
  • Model No: CT-(Crimped Mesh)
  • Products Size: 0.5*1m 1.5*2m 2*2.5m 2*3m
  • Export Market: Global
  • Advantage: Cheap Price, Fast Delivery
  • Color Options: Bright,Blackor Primary
  • Transport Package: Moistureproof Film Packaging and Wooden Tray.
  • HS Code: 7314490000
  • Material: 45mn, 65mn, 72b, 82A
  • Hole Shape: Square
  • Weave Method: Two-Way Bending
  • Wire Diameter: 0.5-6.00mm
  • Packaging: Pallet
  • Products Name: Crimped Wire Mesh
  • Weave Style: Bending After Weaving
  • Sample: Free
  • Service: Best Service
  • Brand Name: Changte
  • Trademark: Chang Te
  • Origin: Anping China(Mainland)

Crimped wire mesh also called square wire mesh is cloth made from wire strands. The wires that make up wire mesh run parallel to the width of the roll (cross wires) and parallel to the length (line wires). The cross and line wires are interwoven. That is, the wires cross over and under each other. Wire Mesh can be woven in a number of different styles depending on the material type, wire diameter, and opening size. Crimped wire mesh is available in rolls, sheets or panels, and cut-to-size.
Screen mesh is widely used in industry, agruculture, crusher, building, house fencing and so on.


1. Material: 
High carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire and other metal wires.

2. Feature: 
It has fine features of neat & precise, sturdy structure, durable& strongly rust-resistant and fine anti-corrosiveness. 

Wrapped with moister-proof paper, Then covered with Hessian cloth

Screening in mine, coal factory, construction and other industries.used as window 
screening, safety guards in machinery enclosures, also used in filtering liquid and gas, sieving grain.

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Products Common Specifications:

Specification List of Crimped Wire Mesh/Square Wire Mesh
Wire Gauge Wire Diameter Mesh/Inch Aperture Weight
SWG mm mm kg/m2
14 2 21 1 4.2
8 4.05 18 1 15
25 0.5 20 0.61 2.6
23 0.61 18 0.8 3.4
24 0.55 16 0.1 2.5
24 0.55 14 0.12 4
22 0.71 12 0.14 2.94
19 1 2.3 0.18 1.45
6 4.8 1.2 2 20
6 4.8 1 2 20
6 4.8 0.7 3 14
14 2 5.08 0.3 12
14 2 2.1 1 2.5
14 2 3.6 1.5 1.9

High-Carbon Steel Crimped Square Wire Mesh for Vibrating Screen
High-Carbon Steel Crimped Square Wire Mesh for Vibrating Screen

High-Carbon Steel Crimped Square Wire Mesh for Vibrating Screen

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