Health tiles suspected of hype

March 14, 2019

Health tiles suspected of hype Anion glazed tiles have the functions of health care and environmental protection, which can improve sleep and purify blood. "Titanium marble tiles can destroy E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus within 24 hours. Recently, some citizens reported that when they purchased ceramic tiles, many tiles were now tagged with confusing labels, and a healthy wind was blowing on the home tile market. The “health tile” is really true. Health care or play concept?

In Monte Carlo tile store, the owner Mr. Chen said that the store has a variety of anion glazed tiles, prices are not equal, "this kind of ceramic tile is very good for human health", as to how good law, the other party can not Explanation. In addition to anion glazed tiles, there are concepts such as micropowders, ultrafine powders, polycrystalline micropowder, and microcrystals in the market. However, what is the difference between the "new micropowder" tiles and the "polycrystalline micropowder" tiles? Most brand store sales staff I do not know what it means, mostly in a word, "is a raw material for the production of ceramic tiles."

These "health tiles" really have such magical effect? The person in charge of the Yangzhou Furniture Association stated that if there is no valid test report for the “health tile”, then there is suspicion of hype. Some components such as negative ions do have the effect of purifying the air, clearing the mind and breathing comfortably, but they cannot impose the negative ions on negative ion tiles. For the titanium-containing tiles have the ability of anti-bacterial sterilization, which also need to support the data, in the home environment, even if the ceramic tile sterilization function, the effect is minimal, tile as a decorative decoration materials, practicality is the most important, do not have Excessive pursuit of its auxiliary functions.

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