Haikang camera IP address modification

March 09, 2021

Hikvision is regarded as a world-renowned security company. Her products are naturally favored by people, so it is necessary to have some understanding of Hikvision products .
Hikvision common sense analysis step: modification of camera IP address !
1. Camera + computer
If you only have a camera and a computer, you want to use the computer to view the images captured by the camera.
Ready to work:
a. A network cable connects the camera directly to the computer. (You can also connect the camera and computer to the same switch.)
b. Computer software: SADP, the device network search software. Download address: Hikvision-Service Support-Download-Tool Software-Hikvision Tools (including SADP, video capacity calculation tools, etc.).
Haikang camera changes IP address
Connect the computer and camera, and open SADP.
You will find the same switch / directly connected Haikang equipment. Select IPC, modify the IP on the right, enter the password, and click Save to complete the task of modifying the IP ~
If the modified camera IP is on the same network segment as your computer IP (generally the same as the first 3 digits, eg: my computer IP is xx.xx.x.xxx, the camera IP is xx.xx.x.xxx, the If the three digits are the same, then the computer and the camera are on the same network segment.) You can enter the IP in the IE browser for preview, configuration and other operations.
Haikang camera changes IP address
After entering the camera IP in the address bar, you will enter the login interface. After entering the correct user name and password, you can perform operations such as preview and configuration.
Haikang camera changes IP address
2. Camera + video recorder
If you only have a camera and a video recorder, you need to add an IP channel, preview and playback on the recorder.
Ready to work:
Connect the camera and the VCR with one network cable, or connect multiple cameras and the VCR to the same switch.
Enter the main menu-channel management-channel configuration
Haikang camera changes IP address
As shown above, the video camera will find the camera in the LAN. Keep the green "+" sign in front, click the edit icon to change the IP to the desired IP, and click OK.
(Do not click the "+" sign before editing, be sure to edit and then click the "+" sign)
3. Batch change IP
If you have a lot of cameras need to modify the IP address.
Ready to work:
a) Put the camera and computer under the same switch.
b) At Haikang, service support-download-tool software-IP camera configuration management software download IP camera configuration management software.
Haikang camera changes IP address
Open the software, select the camera whose IP needs to be modified, enter the starting IP, subnet mask, gateway and port number below, and click Modify.
Haikang camera changes IP address

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