Green building materials classification green building materials purchase

December 31, 2020

When it comes to green building materials, we are not very strange, but we don’t know how to choose when we choose. Nowadays, our requirements for building materials are getting higher and higher, and green environmental protection is our first choice for building materials. So everyone knows what green building materials are? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the classification of green building materials and the buying skills of building materials!


Classification of green building materials

1. Environmental protection pipe: plastic metal composite pipe is a high-tech product that replaces metal pipe. Its inner and outer layers are high-density polyethylene materials, the middle is aluminum, and it has excellent properties of plastic and metal, and it does not rust, no Pollution.

2. Environmentally-friendly wall material: A newly developed aerated concrete brick can be cut and formed by woodworking tools. It is built with a layer of thin mortar, and the surface is coated with special brushing powder to have heat-blocking energy storage effect.

3. Environmentally friendly paint: Bio-emulsion paint, in addition to simple construction, there are a variety of colors, which can bring colorful colors to the home. After brushing, it will emit bursts of fragrance, and it can be re-brushed or treated with detergent to inhibit mold in the wall.

4. Environmental protection lighting: This is a lighting system for the purpose of saving energy and protecting the environment. Through scientific lighting design, use efficient, safe and high-quality lighting electrical products to create a comfortable, economical and beneficial photo

Clear environment.

5. Green wall decoration: grass wallpaper, hemp wallpaper, gauze wall cloth and other products, with moisturizing, deworming, health care and other functions. The anti-mold wallpaper has been chemically treated to eliminate the phenomenon of mold, foaming, mold growth, etc. when the air is humid or the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and the surface is soft and the air permeability is good.

6, environmentally friendly plastic composite tile: made of modified plastic, and blended with a certain amount of waste plastics, is environmentally friendly, avoids the waste of burnt mud land; using advanced formula technology, product flame retardant, high strength, good toughness, resistance It has excellent aging, excellent temperature characteristics and long service life. It is light in weight and is installed by nails or bonding. It is firm and firm, windproof and shockproof, and can be basically exempted from maintenance, and has strong heat insulation.

7. Environmentally friendly flooring: Grass paving brick is one of various porous paving products, made of recycled high density polyethylene. It can reduce storm runoff, reduce surface water pollution, and drain surface water. Used in public facilities.


Green building materials purchase tips:

1, look at the shape

After the environmentally friendly paint is turned on, a layer of resin floats on the surface of the paint. After mixing, the paint has a strong texture, the varnish color is white, crystal clear; the matt paint is translucent and slightly turbid, without redness, blackening and precipitation. When the environmentally friendly paint drips, it is linear and continuous. When the inferior paint drops, it is intermittent and has agglomeration.

2, smell

The environmentally friendly paint has a mild, elegant and aromatic aroma; the inferior paint will give off a strong pungent odor or other unidentified odor. Even if some of the inferior paints are added with a fragrance to pretend to be environmentally friendly, they still smell scent.

3, see certification

Regular environmentally friendly paints are generally equipped with national standard inspection reports and related certificates, and paint drums should also have 3C quality certification. When buying paint, you can ask the merchant to show the corresponding certificate, if not, the paint is fake, or not environmentally friendly paint.

Green environmental protection is the first condition for us to purchase decoration materials, but we also need to learn how to buy it! The above is the classification of green building materials and the purchasing skills of building materials introduced by Xiaobian today. For more information, please stay tuned to the renovation home.

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