Four common artificial stone production techniques

March 24, 2019

Artificial stone can be used to make crafts, decorations, sanitary ware or as building decoration materials. The artificial stone of the present invention is translucent, and is made of a purely natural inorganic material and does not volatilize harmful organic substances.

First, the manufacturing method of artificial stone plate

The manufacturing method of the artificial stone plate adopts a two-layer structure. The upper layer is a mixture of resin and transparent glass or transparent quartz fine particles, and the lower layer is a mixture of color, stone and resin.

The characteristics of artificial stone plates are:

Due to the principle of reflection and refraction of light, the product has high gloss, transparency and deep sensation. The color tone of marble or granite is very obvious, and it is very gorgeous. The invention fully utilizes the scraps of the natural stone industry and other industries, and realizes fully automated production.

The artificial stone plate manufacturing method is:

(1) taking 90-93% stone, 7-10% resin by weight percentage, adding curing agent and accelerator, stirring for 5 minutes;

(2) The uniformly stirred mixture is fed into the lower mold of the molding machine, and the upper and lower molds are clamped at a high pressure, the pressure is 12.5 MPa, the upper mold temperature is 115 to 135 ° C, and the lower mold temperature is 85 to 105 ° C. After 5 minutes, Curing and molding, feeding into the drying room for 24 hours heating and solidification, the temperature is 80 ~ 100 ° C, or placed in a flat pile for natural solidification.

Second, the manufacturing method of artificial stone mirror panel

The artificial stone mirror panel includes a surface layer and a primer layer.

The material used in the artificial stone mirror panel is a mixture of an inorganic gelling material and a polymer latex liquid and a fiber material and an aggregate granule.

The manufacturing method of the artificial stone mirror panel mainly includes: weighing various raw materials for batching, mixing and stirring, mold assembly, primary molding (surface layer), secondary molding (bottom layer), vibration compaction, curing, demoulding, surface stabilization treatment, Add light treatment.

The artificial stone mirror panel has light weight, high strength, heat insulation, sound absorption, high surface gloss, and can be used as a ceiling, a wall panel, a stone bench surface, a stone table top and the like.

Third, the manufacturing method of imitation jade artificial stone.

It is prepared by mixing quartz sand, feldspar powder, silicate stone, barite, quartz stone, sodium fluorosilicate, sodium nitrate, chalk, borax, soda ash, zinc oxide and bone powder in a glass furnace. The paste is then injection molded, and the shaped material is annealed to cool to ambient temperature.

The imitation jade artificial stone produced has high strength, strong folding resistance, strong anti-shock performance, uniform texture and good smoothness. It can be compared with jade, and the finished product can be made into various colors such as pure white, moon white and beige. A variety of architectural decoration materials can be made as needed, such as wall tiles, stone pillars, and stone lions.

1. Artificial stone and its manufacturing method and use.

Artificial stone contains the following ingredients:

SiO2 60.0-77.34% by weight, Al2O3 13.0-20.0% by weight, K2O 0.13-13.0% by weight, Na2O 1.0-11.5% by weight, CaO 0.06-0.77% by weight, Fe2O3 0-0.7% by weight, MgO 0.01-2.14% by weight, TiO2 0.01-0.09% by weight based on the total weight of the artificial stone.

The artificial stone has light transmission properties under light irradiation in the visible light band.

The manufacturing method of the artificial stone sequentially includes the following steps:

(1) heating the powdered albite or its mixture with potassium feldspar to 1000-1550 ° C, the powdery solid material is melted, and kept for 1-30 hours;

(2) cooling the product; the feldspar material has a particle size which can pass through a 20-500 mesh screen.

Fourth, the preparation method of inorganic artificial stone

1. Overview of inorganic artificial stone

Inorganic artificial stone is made of inorganic materials. After reasonable formula and catalysis, it can form artificial stone, which can replace all kinds of natural stone, and is used in interior and exterior wall decoration, environmental sculpture, high-grade craft products and other industries.

2. Characteristics of inorganic artificial stone

1) This product is not radioactive as tested by Shanghai Building Materials and Components Quality Supervision and Inspection Station.

2) It does not contain organic chemical components, tasteless and non-toxic.

3) It can be formed under normal temperature conditions, and can process sculptures, crafts and other modeling products.

4) Strength, impact resistance, appearance texture and finish are similar to natural stone.

5) Fire resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, strong plasticity and good surface coating.

6) Because it does not contain resin components and the pH is neutral, the waste can be disposed of in landfill without affecting soil quality and water quality.

3. Analysis of inorganic artificial stone market

At present, inorganic artificial stone on the market is mainly used for sheet metal production, and the product must be sintered at a high temperature in the kiln, so that the arc-shaped stone and the styling products cannot be processed. At present, the materials used for decorative modeling products, such as CRC (cement plus glass), gypsum, sandstone, etc., are too heavy, fire-resistant, water-resistant, odorous and toxic. This material is a good alternative to the above shortcomings and is a new type of alternative material that can be used in large quantities in interior decoration.

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