Fang Tai whole cabinet how about the price of the whole cabinet is too much

November 17, 2020

When it comes to the kitchen, people often think of scenes that are smoky. Many friends want to know if the cabinet is too good ? How about the quality of the cabinets produced by Fanta ? Together, I have a deep understanding of cabinets underneath.


Fang Tai whole cabinet how

Fangtai overall cabinet, from Ningbo Fangtai Kitchenware Co., Ltd. Over 10 years of development, Fangtai's entire cabinet has already entered millions of households. Fangtai overall cabinets always focus on the research and development and manufacturing of high-end embedded cabinets, and is dedicated to providing high-end integrated smart humanized people for the pursuit of high quality of life. Cabinet products to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Today, Fangtai overall cabinets have become one of the most successful manufacturers in the Chinese kitchen sector. With its strong technical strength and strong marketing capability, Fangtai overall cabinets promote and lead the transformation of China's kitchen industry into sophisticated industrial modernization.

For a long time, Fangtai overall cabinets have been brand-oriented and integrated their own unique understanding of the Chinese kitchen and kitchen culture into the design and development of products. They have continuously created and utilized human ergonomics, aesthetics, and various edge sciences and integration technologies. The most suitable kitchen product for China.

Fang Tai's overall cabinetry is characterized by high, large, and full features. The cabinets and cabinets are two parts of Fangtai's integral cabinets. The height is suitable for the height of the most used kitchens. The style of cabinets uses a large number of solid wood panels and components to demonstrate the exquisite carpentry skills. It is like entering a country house. ordinary.


Fang Tai cabinets are good

The thickness of the cabinet material is 18mm thick, exquisite and beautiful. Kitchen countertops, the use of artificial stone, fire board, stainless steel, natural stone and other materials. The countertops are durable, easy to clean, and meet the requirements of a wide range of friends. Fangtai cabinet solid wood cabinets are door frames made of solid wood, cabinets made very professional.

Everyone knows that choosing a cabinet should not only be viewed from the appearance of engineering materials, but also hidden in the interior. Hardware accessories should be understood. The basic hardware mainly refers to the hardware accessories needed for the entire production process of the cabinet. The hardware selected by Fanta Kitchenware undergoes strict quality inspection. It is not only practical, but also beautiful. According to the different needs of consumers, it is different from each other. Tailored.

Fangtai Kitchenware's material selection and production of hardware Xiao Bian have made an introduction for you, its quality, I believe we all have some understanding. When choosing friends, the first thing to consider is whether the brand meets the level of the local consumer. Another is the investment and the support services of the brand. It belongs to the high-end Fangtai cabinet. For the majority of consumers, the price is affordable. Many friends after 80,90 accepted, he is in the use of materials, technology, quality, after-sales service are first-rate, Fang Tai cabinets in the market students are also well received by the majority of consumers.


Fangtai overall cabinet price

Fanta Cabinet is a line of cabinet brands on the domestic market, so the price will be more expensive than other general products. Fang Tai cabinet products are divided according to the series, the general cabinet prices are high and low, but the prices are generally more expensive. Fang Tai overall cabinet prices are generally more than 10,000 yuan, cheaper than 10,000 yuan, the high price is a few tens of millions.

Those who bought the whole cabinet know that the “Yimi” price includes the total price of the base cabinet and the hanging cabinet. On this basis, if there is a partial area where only the cabinet is not required, the “2/8” will be pressed. Or the "4/6" ratio is converted. There is another way to calculate the cost of a standard size cabinet in the market, which is called the cabinet pricing method.

A kitchen of about 8 square meters, cabinets about 3 meters long, there are three sets of cabinets, two sets of cabinets. We can calculate its price in two ways.

The Yanmi valuation method: the unit's Yanmi price is 3 meters. If it is 2,000 yuan per meter, the price of 3 meters is 6,000 yuan.

Cabinet valuation method: The price of three sets of cabinets + the price of two sets of cabinets. For example, the price of a group of base cabinets is 1,200 yuan, and that of the third group is 3,600 yuan; the price of a group of cabinets is 800 yuan, and that of the second group of cabinets is 1600 yuan, and the total price is 5,200 yuan.

The above is about the relative introduction of Fangtai cabinets . Nowadays, there are countless brands in the various industries in the home market. There are many brands of cabinets. The choices are dazzling. When Xiaobian recommends general selection of brands, it is recommended to select well-known quality and reputation. Guaranteed brand, hope the above information can help you.

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