False alarm caused by improper design and construction of police system

September 17, 2020

Equipment selection is the key to system design, and there are many types of alarm equipment, each with its own characteristics, scope of application and limitations. If improperly selected, it will cause false alarms. For example, the selection of a vibration detector near the source (airport, railway) can easily cause false alarms in the system; the use of ultrasonic detectors in places where bats often appear also causes the system to falsely alarm, because the bat emits ultrasonic waves; High-frequency sounds such as ring tones and metal impact sounds can cause false alarms of single-tech glass break detectors. Therefore, system designers should be familiar with the principles, features, and scope of application of various alarm devices due to false alarms caused by improper equipment selection. And limitations. At the same time, it is necessary to master the on-site environmental conditions, climate conditions, electromagnetic field strength and illuminance changes, etc., in order to select alarm equipment according to local conditions.

In addition to equipment selection, improper system design is also reflected in equipment installation location, installation angle, protective measures and system wiring. For example, when a passive infrared intrusion detector is installed against an air conditioner or a ventilating fan, it will cause a false alarm of the system; if the outdoor active infrared detector is not properly shielded from the sun (the sun shield is also best protected), it is bound to be Cause the system's false alarm; when the distance between the alarm line and the power line, lighting line and other strong electric lines is less than 1.5m, without the anti-electromagnetic interference measures, the system will also generate false alarms.

The false alarm caused by improper construction is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Construction is not strictly in accordance with design requirements.
(2) The equipment is not installed securely or the angle of inclination is not suitable.
(3) The solder joint has a virtual weld or burr, or the shielding measures are not appropriate.
(4) The sensitivity of the device is not well adjusted.
(5) The testing equipment for construction does not meet the measurement requirements.

The solution to the above problems is to strengthen the supervision and management of the construction process and implement the security engineering supervision system as soon as possible, which is conducive to improving the quality of the project and reducing false alarms caused by the construction link.

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