External wall insulation engineering technical regulations, external wall insulation common sense introduction

December 25, 2020

When we are doing external wall insulation, what are the requirements? For example, what are the technical regulations for exterior wall insulation engineering? I believe that everyone must not understand this. Next, the decoration house is a small series, for everyone. Introduce, what are the technical regulations for external wall insulation engineering , and what are the precautions for external wall insulation, and what are the external wall insulation materials.


I. Technical regulations for external wall insulation engineering

1. General rules;

2, terminology;

3. Basic regulations;

4, performance requirements;

5. Design and construction;

6. Construction and technical requirements for exterior insulation systems;

7. Project acceptance;

Second, the external wall insulation matters needing attention

1. The external wall insulation material and the base wall should be reliably fixed. High-rise buildings should withstand large wind loads. The insulation layer should have a reliable bond with the base layer (inorganic material), especially the (organic material) insulation board, we must pay attention to this link. The insulation layer composed of inorganic materials, such as Yitong building insulation system, has good matching and compatibility with various base walls (inorganic concrete, various wall materials, etc.); It does not deform or peel off, and has a high degree of safety and reliability.

2. The fire performance of the system should comply with the relevant national laws and regulations. At present, the outer insulation for high-rise buildings is mostly made of flame-retardant polystyrene board. These materials are flammable. For the outer wall of high-rise buildings, fire-proof construction measures should be taken, such as setting fire barriers. Compared with this type of organic insulation material, Yitong insulation system has excellent fire resistance and flammability, and does not produce toxic gases. According to the relevant state agencies, the fire resistance limit of Yitong insulation block can reach more than two hours.


3, the outer surface layer Deng should use paint (or color mortar), the insulation layer in the system is mostly lightweight porous material, the shear strength is low, so the facing layer should not be used tiles. For example, adhesive tiles must have reliable measures to prevent the tiles from falling off and hurting people. The surface of Yitong insulation system is protected by a protective layer, which has high strength and excellent impact resistance.

Third, the introduction of external wall insulation materials

1. Expanded polystyrene board (plate), expanded polystyrene board (plate), the burning property of the organic insulating material of the material, B1, B22 type, usually white, granular foam composition. The expanded polystyrene board (plate) is a closed-cell foam sheet having a fine structure which is made of a foamed granule as a raw material, which is pre-expanded by heating and heat-molded in a mold.

2, polystyrene extruded board (board), polystyrene extruded board (board) material of the organic insulating material burning performance, B1, B22 grade, is a rigid foam board. Manufacturers of polystyrene extruded boards (plates) have different pigment colors, and generally have various colors such as blue, orange, and yellow. In some manufacturers, extruded polystyrene insulation boards (boards) can be used to emboss or groove the surface.

3, rubber powder polystyrene granule insulation mortar, rubber powder poly benzene granule insulation mortar is polystyrene granules (organic materials) is a lightweight aggregate, rubber powder poly benzene granule insulation rubber powder mixed in a certain proportion, adding water Stirring into a rubber powder polystyrene granule insulation slurry, and suitable for a variety of organic and inorganic insulation materials for exterior walls. Appearance, gray cement bonding of white foam particles. Combustion properties of polystyrene particles, flammable insulation materials.

The above is the introduction of Xiaobian for everyone, the technical regulations of the external wall insulation engineering, as well as the external wall insulation technology and the external wall insulation materials, I hope that friends who want to understand the technical regulations of the external wall insulation engineering will be helpful, if still Want to know, more home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to, decoration home network.

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