Exterior wall insulation

March 08, 2019

First, the external wall insulation: 1, silicate insulation material 2, ceramic insulation material 3, rubber powder polystyrene particles 4, steel mesh mining cement foam board (Shu Le board) 5, extruded board XPS 6, hard foam polyurethane site Spraying, rigid foam polyurethane insulation board 7, foamed cement board 8, Class A inorganic fireproof insulation mortar

Second, roofing materials: 1, ceramic insulation board 2, xps extruded board 3, EPS foam board 4, perlite and perlite brick 5, vermiculite and vermiculite brick 6, foamed cement

Third, heat, air conditioning materials: phenolic resin, polyurethane waterproof insulation integration, rubber sponge, polyethylene, polystyrene foam, glass wool, rock wool

Fourth, steel structure materials: polystyrene, extruded board, polyurethane board, glass wool felt and so on.

Five inorganic insulation materials: foamed cement, YT inorganic active wall insulation material

Gravity Casting

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