End the era of temporary exhibition halls and build China's furniture headquarters base

April 18, 2020

The media reported that the 102-story famous furniture headquarters building of Dongguan's tallest building was about to open, which attracted the attention of all walks of life. Yesterday, Ye Yongyang, deputy general manager of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, the investor of the project, told reporters that the famous furniture Expo Park, which is mainly composed of the famous furniture headquarters building and the new furniture new exhibition hall, is integrated with the existing exhibition hall of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. The total area will reach about 1 million square meters. The project aims to build furniture "headquarters bases" in Dongguan and even China by gathering furniture, marketing and R & D headquarters of furniture enterprises. After the completion of the project, it will also declare the era of "temporary exhibition hall" in Houjie Of the end.

Ye Yongyang said that the company plans to build this building because every time it comes to the furniture exhibition, it needs to spend a lot of money to temporarily build the exhibition hall to meet the requirements of exhibitors' booths. In terms of long-term development, it is more about the furniture industry. Stronger and bigger, driving the need for the common development of the furniture industry throughout the region. Ming Furniture Headquarters Building is an important project of Ming Furniture World Expo Park. Because this building is a super high-rise building, the construction plan of this part of the project is undergoing detailed demonstrations and other stages. The construction of the building on March 10 was misreported.

According to reports, after the completion, the new famous furniture exhibition hall will cooperate with the existing exhibition hall, integrating the annual regular exhibition and the perennial brand display function, open all year round, and will usually serve as a furniture wholesale procurement, distribution and distribution base; while the famous furniture headquarters building The furniture headquarters base will be built to undertake the functions of office centers for brand furniture enterprises such as marketing, procurement, R & D, design and service.

In addition to introducing well-known furniture brands from Dongguan and other parts of the country to the headquarters, the headquarters building will also introduce professional design, research and development, brand marketing and other institutions, as well as representative furniture brands overseas. It is understood that furniture companies in Dongguan are more dispersed, and factory manufacturing and corporate headquarters are often together, which brings great inconvenience to the shaping and marketing of furniture brand images. During each famous furniture exhibition, some overseas buyers rushed to the enterprises distributed in various towns in order to choose Dongguan furniture, which made them feel inefficient; on the other hand, the scattered furniture company headquarters are located in different towns and industrial areas , Its information channel is single, and the frequency of information exchange is not high, which often makes furniture companies lose some business opportunities. Dongguan's brand furniture headquarters are gathered together to form a brand agglomeration, unified promotion, and group attack. The "geometric multiplication effect" of this brand promotion is a beneficial exploration for Dongguan furniture to form a collective brand.

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