Dushan jade cleaning method

March 25, 2019

Dushan jade purification history: Dushan jade needs 1 to 3 months to purify once. Even if it is turned on, it needs time to clean it for a reason. Purifying the word in Latin and degaussing approximation, so it is also called degaussing. Many people often wonder why it is necessary to degauss the purification. This is based on scientific basis and theology. Purification was introduced to China from foreign countries after the reform and opening up. Because Taoism and Buddhism have a great influence on Chinese culture, feces and blood are considered to be very sacred. If you know history, you will know that Zhang Jiao’s "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Chapter 2 "Liu Xuande is in the blood of dogs" has introduced the need to prepare pigs. Dog blood and scorpio blood (women's menstrual blood).

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms also introduced that Zhang Jiao had been broken by the feces. In Tibet, there are guests who come to celebrate the use of cow dung to clean the bowl. The nectar in Buddhism is made from men's semen, women's menstrual blood, and feces. Therefore, with the secularization of religion, many people in the era of the end of the law understood that the more dirty and evil. This is actually a misunderstanding of the deep meaning of Buddhism and Taoism, but such mistakes have also spawned the so-called long-term wear of crystal and jade.

In the cultural relics industry, this long-term wearing process is also called “disc”. The longer the better, the longer the more spiritual, the more people think that the color after the “disk” is deep, and the color is called “Baoguang”. Because the dander tissue has an acidification effect after the long-term existence of the surface of the article, and the dark color appears, in fact, the human dead skin tissue will breed fungi, and it is easy to get skin disease and evolve into skin cancer without washing for a long time. Nowadays, there are many people with acne in the society. It is also because of the long-term failure to wash, and the evil spirits increase the wrong view of spirituality. Dushan jade should be cleaned regularly, because the physical properties of Dushan jade determine that it is not possible to use acidic or alkaline cleaning agents. Therefore, it is correct and safe to use a neutral detergent such as salt. Natural spar and jade have cracks, but the artificially treated fillers can be reacted because they can react with the salt. Therefore, many people who are blindly excluded are abhorred because they are produced in Japan.

Dushan jade purification method:

1: Take out the unique jade pieces that need to be purified.

2: 10 grams of defensive salt for each bracelet or pendant

3: If you use a special purification bowl, you don't need to calculate the amount of water. If you use a glass bowl or a porcelain bowl at home, you need to add 500 grams of water per bracelet. The water does not have to be mineral water or pure water, and ordinary tap water can be used. This is because the purification ability of the defensive salt is much higher than that of the crystal cavity, so there is no strict requirement for the degaussing consumables.

4: If you need to pray, such as seeking for wealth, seeking marriage happiness, etc., after completing the previous step, take out the "Yu Shou Xuan" is also called Yu Shou Paper, and the defensive declaration of the side of the seal to write your own lunar calendar birthday, wishes. Put the paper in the container. The paper can be folded. If you don't need to pray, just follow step 5 and you can do it.

5: Put the handle chain in the prepared bowl. If there is a wishing paper in the container, put the handle chain on the paper and pour in the water. If there is a filter tool, it is best to put the defensive salt in the filter tool, then put the filter tool into the water. The filter tool is used to prevent the dust and dust particles from scratching the tiger crystal.

6: Wait for 24 hours to degauss. Waiting time can exceed 24 hours, but not shorter than 24 hours.

7: Pour off the used brine during purification, take out the defensive paper and dry it, then incinerate it.

Note: Dushan jade degaussing can take 1 to 3 months in a row. Frequent degaussing is harmless. The defensive salt is not sea salt, coarse salt, or large salt. It is only extracted from the sea. Therefore, it has no corrosive effect on natural Dushan jade.

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