Dry goods to come: decoration nine regrets to solve the solution once!

June 27, 2020

Having a perfectly decorated home is the common desire of many owners to decorate, but the ideal is always plump, and the reality is still skinny. Today, Xiao Bian talks about the less perfect places in home improvement and their solutions. Method, the pursuit of perfection, you must not miss this nine good way to clear the regret. A socket port connector In the bedroom living room circuit wiring, because there is no accurate measurement of the size, and there is no general estimate of the location of home appliances roughly placed, casually put the socket position to the fixed down, wait until after the completion of the renovation, the furniture is laid, only to find not The legs of the bed legs blocked the position of the power outlets, that is, the electrical plug lines were not long enough, and then they were replaced with patch panels. However, various wires were exposed and it was really ugly. Solution Before determining the position of the power socket, the friend of the owner should be as accurate as possible about the size of the furniture to be placed, or the dimensions of the furniture cannot be determined at the moment, and the construction masters will be reserved in various places without affecting the appearance. Power outlets, you will need them when necessary. Two-armed overhead light control I believe everybody in the student era has experienced going to bed, only to find that the top light is not closed, especially in the winter cold wind, just a good bed, get out of bed and then this time is cold again, many owners, in the bedroom The dome light did not become double-controlled, that is, a switch at the door and a switch at the window, which led to the recurrence of the student’s tragedy. Solution In the renovation, we must remember that the electrician master made the double light switch control, if the objective conditions do not allow, you can choose to install the controller on the ceiling light, the top light design as a remote control switch, can achieve the same effect. Three did not remember playing the air conditioning hole in advance When the decoration did not pay attention to the location of the installation of air conditioning, and did not set aside the air conditioning hole, until the need to install air conditioning, only to find no punch, when the rhinestones hit a dozen, the wall instantly turned into a big face, very beautiful, for the virgin For a friend in the apartment, there is an impulse to peel the wall off in minutes! Solution Because the air conditioning needs to use a rhinestone when drilling, it is easy to get dirty on the wall. Therefore, when decorating, we must determine the location of the air conditioning, or the height of the suspension, and put it on the wall when it is painted white. The air conditioning hole is well prepared and ready for use. Four video walls do not have wall outlets Another problem is that the socket is in trouble. During the renovation, it may only look good on the TV background wall, but it ignores the fact that a small socket is not reserved. As a result, a good LCD TV has to be placed on the TV cabinet, but my heart is not good. I Buying a wall-mounted TV, how was it finally placed on the TV cabinet? If you want to hang on, whether the length of the TV plug is lengthy or not, it is obvious that the wires are ugly and don't need it. Solution If you purchase a wall-mounted LCD TV at home, you must remember to reserve the socket on the background wall, and even if you put the TV on the TV cabinet, as long as the TV cabinet is of high standard, you can block the position of the socket so that the wire will not fly. Five decorative painting spacing is too small When decorating in the living room, everyone likes to hang some background decorative paintings before buying a sofa. The size of the general decorative painting is 60*60cm. If you hang 4 pieces, each piece will be 40cm apart and the total length will be 3.6m. It feels good when hanging, but as long as the sofa is longer, it will feel that the decorative painting is rather stingy. Solution When hanging a decorative painting, we must consider the total length of the living room, the size of the sofa, and the size of other furniture. When planning the size of the decorative painting space, if you don't see how it is awkward, you will want to rework. Leaving nail holes on the wall can affect the appearance. Six door dimensions do not leave enough height When I installed the living room door, I only thought of the height of the floor, but didn't think of the thickness of the doorway carpet. As a result, when the floor was finished, there was almost no room left. I wanted to have a small rug at the entrance to the United States and the United States. . Solution When installing the security door, it must be considered that the thickness of the floor tiles, floors, and carpets should be reserved in advance to prevent the inconvenience caused by the height. Seven ceiling keels did not consider chandelier installation In the living room ceiling design did not consider a lot, did not communicate with the woodworking master in a timely manner, the problem came after the completion of the renovation, the purchase of the chandelier is not installed on the ceiling, because when the keel was not considered the weight of the ceiling light, so the keel hit It is very simple and can not afford the weight of the chandelier, making it impossible to install. Solution If the owner wants to install a chandelier on the ceiling, he must put forward the design of the ceiling structure and communicate with him. He must not allow the construction staff to make his own claim. If the carpenter does not know the design of the chandelier, the skeletal design is unreasonable, and the chandelier will be installed. Great trouble. Eight water heaters are exposed In the renovation, only the hot and cold water pipes are reserved, but the appearance value of the water heater itself is neglected. As a result, the water heater does not look good on the exterior, and the pipeline is exposed, which affects the appearance and is difficult to clean and clean. It is easy to become a health corner. Solution Therefore, when installing the water heater in the kitchen, it is best to reserve a shutter door cabinet for placing the water heater. This is not only beautiful but also convenient for heat dissipation. The cabinet manufacturers of the shutter doors can be customized, and the cabinet style is the best.
The ground did not level when the nine geothermal backfill In particular, friends of northern landlords and friends like to modify their own geothermal heat, but when backfilling the ground, because the construction workers are not leveling, uneven surface, the naked eye can not see the problem, but when you start to floor, you can see With clues, it is also terrifying to re-level and rework. Solution Therefore, when the landfill is backfilled, the owner must be present on the site. The workers are urged to level the ground. When the landfill is backfilled, the floor is more level. The easier it is to lay the floor, the more convenient it will be in the later period, and the decoration cost will not be excessively high. Finally, I would like to say that I hope that the Xiaobian arrangement can give you some references in the decoration, so that parents can be less confused in the decoration, more than one point is determined, is the biggest motivation for Xiaobian I tirelessly write the article, our next issue see!

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