Diy photo frame handmade Daquan diy fabric photo frame detailed steps

December 24, 2020

A home light with furniture is not perfect, you must have some decorations to beautify it. Common decorations include vases, murals, wine, porcelain, etc. In addition, photo walls are also a very common method, but photo walls must Use the photo frame, and more than one or two, it is better to do it yourself than to buy it. Let's use our brains, and Xiaobian to learn about the DIY photo frame hand-made Daquan , and then do it yourself to make some of your own creations.


First, diy photo frame handmade Daquan

1, scrap rope DIY photo frame

a, thick cotton thread

Use a thick cotton thread to pull out a small disc buckle or hover it around the frame. If the photo frame is wide, it can be wrapped with a white cotton thread that can highlight the middle of the photo body.

b, fine cotton thread and foam

Thin cotton threads and foam and pushpins create a stylish literary photo frame, which is simply suspended from the roof in various shapes and combinations. It not only adds a lot of fun to the room, but also has a very good decorative effect.

2, waste mosaic, wood class DIY photo frame

a, scattered mosaic

The texture of the mosaic itself is a very individual decoration. It can be a combination of broken and complete mosaics, and put together a stylish photo frame to create a very messy and individual beauty, with a rich layering of colors.

b, wood and cardboard

The remaining plates of the home decoration can also be used to create a personalized photo frame, which creates a wave-like sleek shape with a simple jelly box and cardboard to create a creative sea-style photo frame.

3, waste glass bottle DIY photo frame

a, glass bottle

Using a glass bottle to act as a photo frame is not a more special charm, collect some unique glass bottles, especially some cute and cute styles, put the photo plugs in the bottle, put multiple bottles together, the overall effect Better.

b, bottle cap

The lid of the glass bottle can not be wasted. You can also use the DIY creative photo frame to put the small photo on the beautiful and lovely bottle cap. The large and small colors are placed together, or the cap is directly attached to the photo frame. creative.


Second, diy fabric photo frame detailed steps

a. Before you do, measure the size of the photo first.

b. Prepare 2 pieces of cloth, one according to the size of the photo, and draw a small rectangle on the reverse side.

c. Splicing the piece of cloth around the rectangular cotton burlap.

d. Apply cotton tape to the surrounding cloth. This step can be done ahead of time, I am lazy here.

e. Draw the rectangular cloth and the patchwork cloth on the front side, fix it, and sew along the edge of the rectangle, then leave the 7MM seam to cut the middle cloth. The four corners are cut at 45 degrees. Yes, can't be cut.

f. Turn the cloth to the front.

g. Cut the plastic plate into the same size as the front cotton cloth, and make a hole the same size as the rectangular frame.

h. Put the plastic plate in the middle and sew it on the plastic plate.

i. Fold the cloth below.

j, the other two are also as good as the law.

k. Fix the four corners on the back on the cloth, and fix them at the same time.

l. Put a button on the front corners and press the rope. This is done.

I am here to introduce you here today. I believe that through the above introduction, you can learn a lot of knowledge that you usually don't have time to understand. A photo frame can't do much, but it's a DIY, it's a piece of work. Very meaningful things. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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