Common explosion-proof electrical installation requirements

March 25, 2019

Common explosion-proof electrical installation requirements (1) installation requirements explosion-proof electrical equipment

The explosion-proof surface shall be coated with anti-rust oil, and shall not be coated with paint or glue; the inner diameter of the rubber seal of the flameproof electrical equipment cable introduction device shall be compatible with the outer diameter of the introduction cable, and be fully compressed with the original pressure nut or pressure plate. , can not be directly sealed with steel pipe or flex hose sealing ring; redundant cable inlet application of blind pads in accordance with the standard provisions for blocking; explosion-proof surface fasteners should be set with spring washers, and fully tightened; for external wires or The clearances and creepage distances of the junction box of the cable connection shall meet the requirements of the standard.

(2) Installation requirements for increased safety electrical equipment

Increased safety type of electrical equipment to introduce the cable or wire should be reliably connected with the connector and meet the requirements of the electrical clearance and creepage distance; the rubber sealing ring inside the cable introduction device shall be pressed tightly with the compression nut or pressure plate; The entry applies a blind pad conforming to the standard for blocking; an increased safety type motor shall be equipped with an overload inverse time limit protection device to ensure that the motor is disconnected within the time specified on the motor nameplate when the motor is stalled; and that the increased safety of the installed electrical equipment is completed The enclosure protection class should meet IP54 requirements.

(3) Installation requirements for encapsulated electrical equipment

The configuration of the power supply for the encapsulated electrical equipment shall meet the requirements specified in the instruction manual. The expected breaking current of the power supply shall meet the requirements specified on the product nameplate; the extension of the connecting cable of the encapsulated electrical equipment must be connected by an explosion proof junction box; see the product model number Whether there is an 'X' at the end or not, if any, it indicates that there are special instructions for use and should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions.

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