Coating knowledge: decoration brush paint practical experience sharing

March 28, 2020

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The paint is the last step in the renovation of the rough house. After the completion of this part of the project, the workers can evacuate the site, and the cleaning, garbage removal and subsequent object procurement work can be carried out. How to make the brushing process not compromised, look at the practical experience shared by netizens, maybe it will help you.

1. In the preparation of the primer, in order to prevent corrosion of metals such as iron, steel, aluminum and galvanized iron, the primer should be applied in the following cases: 1) unpainted surfaces such as new wood and plaster And the surface of the metal. The primer provides a uniform surface for the topcoat to increase coating rate, increase adhesion, uniform coating uniformity, and ease of partial touch up. 2) When the surface is painted or the old paint has been peeled off to the surface of the original substrate, it is necessary to apply the primer. The hard-to-coat surface also needs to be primed, because there are stains and adhesion in those places.

2, any woodworking, even if only to do the mouthwash, must follow this step, the large core board sinking, veneer veneer, and then paint. When mixing oil, there is an irresponsible worker who brushes oil directly on the large core board. This is absolutely wrong. Directly brushing oil, it will take a long time to crack all.

3, do mixed oil, do not brush with spray. It is best to let the workers spray the white inside the door and the meter box together. It is not wasteful and beautiful. There is nothing to say about the brush wall, leveling, sanding, rolling brush, the effect is good, absolutely rely on the craft of your home oil workers.

4. The same batch of paint is used for the same work or project; if it is the blended color, it is better to mix the tank and the tank before use, and the other is to keep the paint container full, that is, when the paint is only left In half, you should add it immediately, don't wait until it is completely used up; apply it at the right temperature.

5, when the air temperature, the surface of the coating and the temperature of the paint are all at 15.6 ° C -26.7 ° C, the effect is best; do not stop working in the middle of painting the same wall or trim surface, otherwise it will appear at the coating junction The new painted surface requires a minimum of 14 days to clean. Use a mild detergent to protect the paint film during cleaning.

6. At the beginning of the wall top coating project, first check the thickness of the original foundation powder of the wall. If there is wrinkle phenomenon and empty nose running through the water brush, it should be brushed to remove the old powder base layer. It is forbidden to use glue treatment. On the surface, continue to embed the top surface of the wall in the surface base. In front of the inlaid wall, the gypsum powder and glue should be used to repair the unevenness and the hole and the hole. If these parts are deep, apply the same material for several degrees. Achieve the effect of the embedded wall.

7, the wall to brush the color, the color must pay attention to, the color of the call is lighter than the color card, must not be the same as the color card or deeper than it. Because the wall is painted at least twice, and some are three times, the color of the upper wall will be one layer deeper than the other.

8, on the painting method is spray or roll coating, benevolent see benevolence, wise see wisdom. It is said that the effect of spraying is better, but once it is damaged, it will become difficult to make up the paint.

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