Buying Guide: It is really good to buy a good combination of cabinet accessories

January 30, 2019

The overall cabinet (decoration renderings) is nothing more than cabinets, range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets and other components, for which the accessories are of good quality and the overall cabinet quality is naturally high. "Recently and his wife were picking up cupboards and found that the price jumped a lot. It seems that the water in this line is not shallow."

So, in the current overall cabinet market where the brands are so numerous and the price difference is large, is it really difficult to pick a set of cost-effective cabinets? Actually, the overall cabinet structure is composed of individuals. Therefore, whether or not you know how to choose the combination of cabinets is the key to the availability of cost-effective cabinets.

Access Control (fitness renderings) 槛 Low product standard missing

The whole cabinet is a combination of cabinets, range hoods, gas stoves, disinfecting cabinets, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens, all kinds of pendants, basins and other kitchen (decoration renderings) appliances and kitchen appliances. A new kitchen form. The latest statistics show that in recent years, domestic cabinet sales have increased at an average rate of 35% per year.

“Although the threshold of entry for the cabinet industry is not high, it is an industry that has a high threshold for quality.” The low barrier to entry has led to a large number of cabinet manufacturers on the market, and the quality of products has been uneven. For example, many home improvement companies also have on-site production of cabinets, many of which are small workshop-style processing plants. Looking at the current cabinet industry despite the emergence of some well-known national brands, but overall this industry is still more small businesses, the industry concentration is low, with local brands as the main national brand less.

In addition, the lack of product standards is also considered to be one of the reasons for the quality of the current cabinet market. It is understood that the current domestic cabinet standards have been formulated, but the overall cabinet product standards are not.

market situation

Stores offer quotes for "Drilling"

Insiders pointed out that, in foreign countries, cabinets without the exception of the use of unit cabinet offer, and in the current domestic cabinet sales market, "according to the meter quote" has almost become a common market price form. However, the drawbacks of this quoting method are obvious. For consumers, this quotation is unclear and implicit, and can easily be exploited by bad companies. For manufacturers, this quoting method is not conducive to standardization and standardized production.

What is worth mentioning is that, for example, consumers who are confused as mentioned above are unaware of the good or bad quality of cabinet parts, and many cabinet dealers are quoting rice prices to consumers. There is a feeling of “looks like the price difference between so many?”. The reason is that on the one hand, a lot of cabinets (especially big brands) have a long history of “opening up prices and then discounting”; on the other hand, due to the lack of unified materials standards, some dealers have passed Use the low overall price as a selling point to attract those owners who have a lower ability to discern cupboards. This is also the indirect cause of product quality and price variance.

Consumer Guide

Good combination of accessories is really good

What is the good quality of the whole cabinet? In fact, the overall cabinet structure is nothing more than individuals. Therefore, whether or not you know how to choose the combination of cabinets is the key to the availability of cost-effective cabinets.

The first is the highest practical hardware accessories. The basic hardware accessories for the cabinets are hinges and drawers (slides). The quality of cabinet hardware (decoration renderings) is directly related to the service life and price of the cabinets. Better cabinets generally use imported hinged cushions, drawers, and hydraulic rods. The famous imported hardware brands in China are Hettich and Blum, whose service life is generally over 100,000 times. In addition, an important condition to measure the price/performance ratio of a set of cabinets is the drawers (rails), in which metal drawers gradually become the mainstream of the market. According to the reporter's experience, if consumers feel that the prices of these imported hardware accessories are relatively high in the cabinet stores, then after calculating the quantity and type of hardware accessories required, they can save a lot of money through online shopping.

Followed by the table. It is understood that from a practical point of view, due to the various shapes of the artificial quartz countertops at present, due to the mixed process technology and the lack of a unified process standard, the selection of marble will be relatively simple and reassuring. Secondly, in the selection of the bottom panel inside the cabinet, many businesses now let buyers choose a waterproof, moisture-proof synthetic floor under the promotion of interests, but in fact, it is difficult for buyers to face the cabinet panels in a short time. There is enough understanding of the waterproof performance, and the bottom of the cabinet is often subject to burst pipes, dark leaks and so on. Therefore, choosing natural marble will be a more cost-effective choice.

The third is the production process. After the cabinets are put into use, the door panels often swell and deform. This is due to the imperfect sealing process. To this end, when purchasing the exterior, it is necessary to check whether the door and the edge banding of the cabinet are neat and smooth. The ability to design and produce using the 32mm process is also an important condition for measuring cabinet quality. According to reports, using the 32mm process for design and production will not only increase production efficiency, but also improve and ensure product quality. The most obvious mark of 32mm is the two rows of system holes on the side panel, which can be accurately installed by the system.

The fourth is the door panel. Solid wood door panels are rich in shapes and colors, and are the first choice for classical (decoration renderings) decoration styles. However, the disadvantage of solid wood door panels is their high price and the process is more difficult to control. There are too few good solid wood door panels on the market. Deformation and cracking are the most common problems for solid wood door panels, and cleaning is also a headache. In addition, the materials for the countertops of the cabinets and the materials for the internal structure are similarly exquisite.

Finally, after-sales service It is understood that the different parts of the cabinet, the warranty period is not the same, so consumers must be asked when ordering cabinets product warranty and other issues.

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