Application of Xiamen Yudian AI Instrument in Condensate Recovery System

August 07, 2019

The important role of Yudian AI-708 instrument in the system proves that the AI ​​secondary instrument of Yudian Company has the characteristics of precise control, high stability and convenient operation on the condensate recovery system through the actual production operation.
Author: Jang Dong-Min, Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Abstract: This paper takes the condensate recovery system of Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. as an example to introduce the successful application of Xiamen Yudian AI-708 artificial intelligence regulator in the condensate recovery system. The article introduces the Yudian AI-708 instrument in the system. The important role of the actual production operation proves that the AI ​​secondary instrument of Yudian Company has the characteristics of precise control, high stability and convenient operation on the condensate recovery system.

Key words: condensate system, AI-708 artificial intelligence regulator, composite membrane

Yudian AI instrument in the application of the condensate recovery system

Author: Zhang Dongmin Jiangsu New Stone Co., LTD

Abstract:This paper, taking jiangsu new stone co., LTD., the condensate recovery system as an example, introduces that the Yudian AI - 708 Artifical intelligent temperature regulator is sucessfully applicated in the condensate recovery system. In this paper, the important effect Of Yudian AI - 708 on the system is elaborated and the actual operation also proves that Yudian AI secondary instrument is highly precise, stable and convenient.

Key words: The condensate system , AI - 708 type regulator , Composite membrane

0 Preface

Today, control requirements are getting higher and higher, and high-precision control is becoming more and more strict, especially for important equipment temperature control. If it is not accurate, it may cause equipment damage. Therefore, how to choose a reliable and safe temperature control equipment has become an important issue. Our company's condensate recovery system has selected the Yudian AI-708 instrument to realize the automatic precision control valve switch, which brings safety to production. Increased work efficiency and reduced maintenance time and failure rate.

1 AI-708 type intelligent instrument [1], condensate recovery system device [2] design requirements

1.1 Main technical parameters

1.1.1 Introduction to smart meters and description of process flow

The system adopts Yudian AI-708 intelligent control instrument to execute the filming command to control the filming valve, and set the ideal value in the smart meter according to the process requirement, so as to output to the filming regulating valve to control the opening degree of the regulating valve. From the current operation, the control is sensitive, the effect is good, and it is very stable.

Process: control the external condensate into the condensate tank, the condensate pump passes through the degreasing and de-ironing, filtration system, and the qualified water enters the clean water tank, and the clean water pump is driven into the process system pipe network for unqualified recycling .

Figure 1 Process flow chart of condensate recovery unit

1.1.2 Introduction to Chain Protection System Influent water quality online monitoring system: In the condensate inlet main pipe, there is an online monitoring system for incoming water quality. In order to maintain the high economical operation of the condensate degreasing and de-ironing system, the condensate is firstly monitored by the online monitoring system of the influent water quality monitoring system before entering the condensate treatment system. In the accident state, the condensed water with high oil content (>30mg/L) is directly discharged into the sewage pipeline; the condensed water with normal oil content (≤30mg/L) enters the condensate degreasing and de-ironing system. On-line water quality monitoring system: An online monitoring system for effluent quality is installed at the outlet of the precision filter. After the condensed water passes through the composite membrane [3] high-temperature condensate degreasing and de-ironing device and precision filter to remove the oil, iron and suspended matter in the water, before entering the clean water tank, the oil content is first passed through the effluent quality online monitoring system. Online monitoring ensures that the oil content of the condensate entering the clean water tank is 100% qualified. When the oil content is unqualified (>1mg/L), the PLC control system automatically returns the effluent from the precision filter to the condensate tank for reprocessing without entering the clean water tank. At the same time, an alarm is issued to alert the operator to high temperature condensation of the backup composite membrane. The water degreasing and iron removing device is used for filming. The film control has Yudian AI intelligent control table to control the control of the filming valve. The control requirements are very strict. If the precision is not high, it may be unqualified. Immediately after the filming is completed, the automatic operation is carried out. When the oil content is qualified (<1mg/L), the condensed water enters the clean water tank, and it has been very sensitive and easy to use since it was put into use. Low-flow online protection system: A low-flow online protection system is installed in the inlet and outlet pipes of the composite membrane high-temperature condensate degreasing and de-ironing device. When the influent flow rate fluctuates and is less than the set value (16t/h), the membrane detachment phenomenon may occur in the composite membrane high-temperature condensate degreasing and de-ironing device. At this time, the low-flow online protection system automatically starts and holds the pump, and returns some or all of the water discharged from the running device to the water inlet to maintain the flow rate of the running device to prevent the film from falling out. When the influent flow rate is stable and the flow rate exceeds the set value (24t/h), the low flow online protection system automatically shuts down the holding pump. Precision filter differential pressure online protection system: In the inlet and outlet of the precision filter, there is a pressure difference online protection system. After the precision filter is put into operation, the pressure difference will gradually increase as the filter element is intercepted by physical adsorption and mechanical interception. When the differential pressure reaches the set value (<150 kPa), the filter element in the precision filter is nearing failure. At this time, the differential pressure online protection system sends an alarm through the upper computer of the PLC control system, prompting the operator to manually open the bypass valve of the precision filter, and then manually exposing the precision filter to the film. After cleaning, the precision filter is put into normal operation and the bypass valve is closed.

2, equipment configuration

2.1 Hardware Configuration

The whole control system consists of iron removal and degreasing system, multiple motors, Siemens S7-300 system, Yudian AI instrument, force control PC software, etc. Here, only the Yudian AI-708 artificial intelligence regulator instrument is briefly introduced.

2.2 Yudian AI-708 artificial intelligence regulator instrument

2.2.1 Main features:

The input adopts digital correction system, built-in common thermocouple, thermal resistance, precision 0.2; adopts advanced artificial intelligence adjustment algorithm, no overshoot, self-tuning function; adopts advanced modular structure, provides rich input specifications, can be widely used Various occasions; personalized operation, easy to operate; passed the new ISO9001 quality system certification; testing has obtained CE certification, strong anti-interference ability. With 30+20-segment program control function, it can realize the rise and fall control of any slope, and has programmable/operable commands such as jump (loop), operation, pause and stop, and allows the program to be modified at any time during the control operation of the program. The AI ​​artificial intelligence adjustment algorithm with curve fitting function can obtain smooth and smooth curve control effect; the event output function can be edited during program running, and the external device action can be controlled; the SV variable output function can be used as the program generator. Use; with measured value start function, preparation function and five power outage / power on event processing mode selection. Supports a variety of thermocouples, RTDs, linear voltage, current, resistance and radiation (infrared) thermometers, and has a special input specification for expansion of the input socket, and can customize the special input nonlinear correction table, which can be connected with Cu50 copper resistor As the thermocouple cold junction compensation, 0.1 level (V8.0 version) measurement accuracy, temperature drift is less than 50PPm / °C. High-precision measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow, etc., to minimize energy waste, and provide a free warranty for up to ten years to maximize customer and social benefits. Modular output supports SSR voltage, linear current (voltage), relay contact switch, thyristor non-contact switch, single-phase, three-phase thyristor zero-crossing trigger, single-phase thyristor phase-shift trigger output, position ratio Output (direct drive valve motor forward/reverse), etc., control cycle 0.24~60 seconds with standard PID, AI artificial intelligence adjustment APID or MPT and other adjustment methods, with self-tuning, self-learning function, no overshoot and no underpayment The excellent control characteristics of the tuning can also be controlled by the ON-OFF function. The dual independent parameter PID can support the heating/cooling dual output function. Advanced AIBUS communication protocol: Support RS485 or RS232C communication interface, with fast communication technology, it is convenient to set up large- and medium-sized computer control systems of thousands of points or connect AI series real color human-machine interface touch screen/separate paperless recorder. Supports multiple alarm functions such as upper limit, lower limit, upper limit of deviation and lower limit of deviation, and can freely define 4 alarm output ports to support multiple alarm signals to be output from the same position. It has functions such as power-on exemption alarm and avoids power-on alarm malfunction. The measured value (PV) or setpoint (SV) can be converted to a standard current signal output, providing 14-bit high resolution, 0.2-level output accuracy, and current output better than 100ppm/°C temperature drift. You can define the permissions for parameter viewing and modification, and allow users to customize passwords and tailor the instruments that best suit their operating habits.

2.2.1 The instrument operating instructions:

3 Conclusion

Through years of practical operation, Yudian AI instrument has no faults, and the AI ​​intelligent controller controls the opening of the regulating valve very well, thus achieving the effect of film laying and effectively ensuring the operation of the device. Increased productivity and safety. AI-708 intelligent regulator has the characteristics of high control precision, good safety performance, easy operation and powerful functions.

Photo of the on-site equipment:

Figure 3 supporting equipment


[1] AI series artificial intelligence regulator instruction manual V7.0. Xiamen Yudian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. version 2008.7

[2] Li Gong. Operation rules for condensate recovery unit. Shandong Water Affairs Co., Ltd.

[3] Gao Fang. Principle of composite membrane operation. Shandong Water Affairs Company

Personal information: Zhang Dongmin (1985-), male, graduated from China University of Petroleum (East China), major in chemical engineering and technology, senior instrument (national third-level title), e-commerce division (national third-level title), current Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Engineer in the workshop, engaged in instrument maintenance and repair, DCS, PLC design and programming.

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