Anti-fog and smog masks will hurt people

September 12, 2019

Yesterday, news of an anti-fog and masking injury caused public concern. This puzzles the public: How can a mask be used to maintain health and become a "weapon weapon?"

Yesterday, a man in our province wore an anti-haze mask and hit a broken manhole cover and fell. The steel sheet on the mask nose clip penetrated the face and caused serious cuts. The doctor had sewed more than 200 needles to him.

The wounded man wears a type N95 anti-fog mask and has an adjustable steel sheet at the top and bottom of the mask to fit the face. The major pharmacies in the city also have such anti-smog masks for sale, with prices ranging from RMB 30 to RMB 60. City Churentang Pharmacy staff said that there are a lot of people who recently purchased anti-haze masks.

On Taobao, enter the words “anti-fog and masks” and a total of 18,500 pieces of merchandise are on sale. As of 7:20 last night, the monthly sales of a “3M brand anti-smog flu mask” that has sold the most have reached 48331 pieces. Most of the anti-fog masks on sale have adjustable steel sheets.

“Zhenjiang has many sites and it is gray and big. Like we usually use electric vehicles as vehicles, we don’t have to buy an anti-haze mask. I really couldn’t afford it. Today I saw the news of the mask hurting people. I didn’t think it was anything. I feel now. The steel sheet is really scary there. Is there any national safety standard for this mask with steel sheets?” said the woman.

Faced with the public's doubts, the relevant staff of Zhenjiang Quality Supervision Bureau said: "As of now, there are no relevant standards for anti-fog and smog masks. It is recommended that the public choose the products of regular manufacturers when they buy masks."

Is there any similar "masking" incident in the city? The person in charge of the first-aid department of the city’s first-aid hospital stated that at present, the first hospital in the city has not received any related patients, but the person in charge said that the public should be careful when wearing anti-fog masks or glasses to prevent injuries.

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