Analysis on the Status Quo and Prospects of Industrial Robot Industry Development in China

March 14, 2019

Abstract With the acceleration of industrial globalization, China has become an extremely important world industrial processing and production base in just over a decade, and enjoys the reputation of “world factory”. Today, the global competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the competitive advantage that China has is gradually being reduced. ...
With the acceleration of industrial globalization, China has become an extremely important world industrial processing and production base in just over a decade, and enjoys the reputation of “world factory”. Today, the global competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the competitive advantage that China has is gradually being reduced. In this context, how can Chinese companies improve production efficiency and reduce production costs? How to improve the technical content of products and expand the competitiveness of enterprises has become a top priority. The emergence of industrial robots seems to be a spring breeze, smoothing the frown of Chinese entrepreneurs.

More and more Chinese entrepreneurs choose to use industrial robot technology to help produce quality products at reasonable prices. They gradually formed a consensus: a company wants to gain one or more competitive advantages, and automated robot production will be one of the effective means to promote business development. If China's industrial robot industry can accurately grasp the development direction and cooperate with the introduction of relevant policies to regulate the operation of the industry, it will have unlimited development prospects.

Industrial automation becomes a hot moving robot with significant advantages

The pace of upgrading and transforming China's economic structure has gradually accelerated, and the practice of reducing industrial costs and improving market competitiveness by the realization of industrial production automation has been widely recognized. With many advantages and increasing market demand, the industrial robot industry has made rapid development in recent years. Relevant experts in the industry made predictions: The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period will be a key turning point for the development of China's industrial robot industry. The government departments will further expand domestic demand. The market demand for industrial robots in China will form a blowout development, which is expected to be 15 per year. %~20% speed increases.

Alleviate labor resource shortages

Not long ago, there have been serious “labor shortages” in many areas of China. The shortage of labor resources has become a huge “roadblock” in front of China’s processing and production enterprises. No workers, how to produce? In order to recruit workers to start work in time, many business owners will not hesitate to choose high-priced recruitment, which directly causes a substantial increase in the labor cost of enterprises, which virtually reduces the market competitiveness of products.

The emergence of industrial robots has brought about a turning point for production and processing enterprises. The production efficiency of a robot is several times or even several times that of manual production, which directly reduces the number of workers in the same batch of products. Moreover, the use of industrial robots is of great significance for ensuring personal safety, improving the working environment, reducing labor intensity, and reducing production costs.

According to relevant statistics, China's annual installed capacity of industrial robots accounts for about 1/8 of the world's total, second only to Japan and South Korea. It is estimated that China's installed capacity will exceed these two countries in 2015, effectively alleviating the problems caused by the scarcity of labor resources. It is reported that the Chinese government has included the industrial robot industry as part of a strategic emerging industry, focusing on cultivation and development. As an important part of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, robots are ushering in a new strategic development opportunity.

Improve efficiency and quality to enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises

Another major feature of industrial robots is that they can work continuously for 24 hours, greatly shortening the production cycle of the products and bringing more profit to the enterprise. Nowadays, industrial robots, such as the automotive industry, electronic and electrical industry, and construction machinery, have used a large number of industrial robots. While achieving automated production, they have largely ensured the stable and reliable quality and accuracy of the products.

Industrial robots can meet the high precision of the entire production process, minimize product scrap rate, and maximize the cost savings for the company. The use of industrial robots can reduce the scrap rate, improve the utilization of machine tools, and reduce the number of defective parts caused by workers' misoperations. It effectively helps enterprises accelerate the pace of technological innovation and enhance the competitiveness of comprehensive competition.

Broad industry prospects, policy support is especially important

A lot of information shows that China's industrial robot boom has been set off. In the next 3-5 years, China is expected to become the world's largest installed base of robots. Nowadays, China has been able to produce a series of products with internationally advanced planar articulated assembly robots, Cartesian coordinate robots, arc welding robots, spot welding robots, and palletizing robots. Many varieties have already achieved small batch production. Some industry experts predict that the annual average market size of industrial robots in China will soon exceed 4 billion yuan. The use of industrial robots will greatly promote the rapid development of the processing and production industry and improve the level of manufacturing technology. More importantly, it will also promote the automation and unmannedness of China's manufacturing industry. Form a more value-added, more innovative and competitive manufacturing system.

However, despite the good market prospects of industrial robots, it has encountered many difficulties in reality. According to the survey, China's current industrial robots are less than 1% of the global total, domestic industrial robots account for about 30%, and the rest are imported from more than 20 countries including Japan, the United States, Sweden, Germany, and Italy. There are two reasons for this. First, the lack of core technology. For the key components such as robot high-precision reducer and servo motor, China's technical level is not enough to achieve complete independent production. The large number of imports directly caused the soaring price of robots, which restricted the large-scale purchase of enterprises and hindered the upgrading and transformation of production models. Second, the importance attached by the Chinese government and relevant departments to the robot industry needs to be further strengthened. The government and relevant departments should introduce corresponding standards and incentives to support the research and development of industrial robot core technology and the replacement of enterprise equipment.

We know that the country has supported the robot industry as a strategic new industry. This will create conditions for the breakthrough of China's industrial robot industry in the future development, and lay a solid foundation for further development. At the same time, it can also promote the technology of industrial robots to penetrate into more application fields. To achieve China's important goal of transforming from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.

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