Aluminum buckle ceiling ten brands buy aluminum buckle ceiling skill

June 24, 2020

The aluminum buckle plate is one of the mainstream materials of the current home ceiling since it has good moisture-proof, oil-proof, flame-retardant, beautiful appearance, convenient transportation and use. In general, well-known big brand products are always better than other brands. After all, big brands often have their own unique advanced technologies. The quality and service of the products are guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners choose the aluminum buckle ceiling. Pick a guaranteed branded product. The following Xiao Bian introduces the top ten brands of aluminum buckle ceilings, which are the most popular among consumers, and provides some tips to teach you how to choose the ceilings of aluminum buckles. Let's study together with Xiao Bian.

The top ten brands of aluminum buckle ceiling

1, character aluminum buckle ceiling

Founded in 2001, the product is backed by professional kitchen electrical manufacturing experience and strong technical research and development capabilities. It is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of high quality health kitchen ceiling products. It has created a classic aluminum buckle ceiling for Chinese consumers. product.

2, Bao Lan aluminum buckle ceiling

Bao Lan (China) owns 700 million yuan in fixed assets. It is one of the world's largest R & D, production and sales groups for aluminum buckle ceilings. It has two major technology research and development and marketing teams in China and Europe, and is committed to creating novel and diversified products.

3, AIA aluminum buckle ceiling

AIA is the founder of the aluminum buckle plate ceiling industry. Its products cover the basic structure of the aluminum buckle plate ceiling and the modular principle of the functional electrical equipment, and form the basic technology of the aluminum buckle plate integrated ceiling.

4, Rongsheng aluminum buckle ceiling

Rongsheng Environment Division is a professional department established by Guangdong Rongsheng Electric Co., Ltd. to expand product categories and develop smart kitchen and bathroom space. This department is based on the aluminum buckle ceiling products, and is committed to providing products with advanced design, functionality, humanization, and intelligence.

5, French lion aluminum buckle ceiling

Zhejiang Haiyan Shilong Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the R&D, production and sales of aluminum buckle ceiling products. In the aluminum buckle ceiling industry, it has always been ahead of the industry with excellent technology, research and development advantages and accurate market positioning.

6, top aluminum buckle ceiling

The aluminum buckle plate ceiling brand belongs to the Sino-foreign joint venture Zhejiang Dingshang Electric Co., Ltd., which was established in 2001. It is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of small household appliances such as aluminum buckle ceilings.

7,Tuscany aluminum buckle ceiling

Although Tuscan Electric Co., Ltd. started late, but the development is also very fast, especially in the aluminum buckle ceiling, it is developing rapidly and become one of the top ten brands of aluminum buckle ceiling.

8, Meierke aluminum buckle ceiling

Jiaxing Meier Kate Kitchen Technology Co., Ltd., as a determined to become China's high-end chef kitchen integrated ceiling industry has one of the influential companies, leading the industry technology, to create a modern chef.

9, Chuchu aluminum buckle ceiling

Chu Chu ceiling is Zhejiang Chu Qiao Electric Co., Ltd.'s aluminum buckle plate ceiling brand, the company founder Mr. Chu Jiangen invented the artistic ceiling, China's first real artistic ceiling was born in Chu Qiao.

10, Aopu aluminum buckle ceiling

Hangzhou Aopu Electric Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise specializing in the production of household electrical appliances. In fact, Aopu aluminum buckle ceiling should be called Aupu bathing top.

Buy aluminum buckle board ceiling tips

First, see the buckle plate aluminum

Aluminium used for a good ceiling brand is produced by a regular aluminum factory. Flexibility and strength are much better than inferior aluminum. We can do an experiment, we can find two models of brands with big price gaps, and then bend it by hand. The inferior aluminum material can be easily bent, and it will take more time to bend the high quality aluminum material. Strength, and rebound after bending, this is the difference in toughness and strength between aluminum.

Second, see the thickness of the pinch

The national standard for aluminum buckle thickness is 0.6mm.

Third, see the pinch plate process

Aluminum gussets are divided into three types: spray coating, roll coating, and coating film. Coated sheet is the most popular among consumers. The color of the coated sheet is rich and colorful, light weight, water-resistant, non-vacuum-absorbing, anti-corrosive, easy-scrubbing, easy to install, and strong in three-dimensional sense. It has many advantages and is popular with consumers.

Fourth, look at ceiling keel

The aluminum buckle ceiling keel generally has two installation methods: light steel keel and wood keel. The wooden keel is easily deformed after being exposed to moisture, and the quality of the light steel keel is excellent.

Fifth, look after the service

A strong brand, its pre-sale, sales, after-sales service is also very perfect. It is better to choose products with good after-sales service.

Xiao Bian concludes: About the top ten brands of aluminum buckle ceilings and the skills to buy aluminum buckle ceiling is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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