Air hammer safe operation

June 11, 2019

For those involved in air hammer related work, please see the following article:

1. Before opening the hammer, check whether the handle position is correct, whether the oil pump is normal, the oil circuit must be unblocked, no leakage, the oil quantity should not be lower than the oil mark tick line, then idling for 2~3 minutes to check the normality of each part. .

Second, before using the hammer, you should first idle for a period of time (2~3 minutes) to check whether the parts are running normally.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use empty hammer, cold forging or forging forgings with insufficient heating temperature.

4. When forging, the forgings should be placed flat in the middle of the bricks to prevent the deviation, and no over-loading is allowed.

5. When checking the parking gap, check it carefully. If noise, serious air leakage or cylinder or bearing heat is generated (cylinder and bearing temperature should not exceed 80 °C), stop and check and repair.

6. If the fasteners of the upper and lower bricks and the hammer are found, the wedges and cross pins shall be corrected or replaced in time if they are loose or damaged.

Seven, the operation should be consistent with the eyes and eyes, obey the command, especially when paying attention to the length of the hammer stroke, so as to avoid accidents.

8. When forging the workpiece, the first one should be light, and when the temperature is high, the hammer should be lightly lowered to avoid splashing of iron slag.

9. When parking, first slowly drop the hammer and put a horn of 15 mm or more between the upper and lower bricks.

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When you work, please strictly follow the following safe operation! ! !

'Air hammer safe operation

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