Agricultural irrigation pump selection should pay attention to what problems?

May 20, 2020

Agricultural irrigation pump agricultural irrigation is a strong guarantee of normal production, the market is also a wide range of agricultural pumps, small series to tell you that agricultural irrigation pump selection should pay attention to what the problem. Agricultural irrigation pump selection of agricultural pumps according to the specific circumstances for a specific analysis, the main consideration of pump flow and pump head. First of all, should start from the following four principles: 1, the choice of pumps should meet the flow and lift requirements; 2, the pump unit in the long run, the highest point of the pump efficiency; 3, the pump selection should be selected by the pump Model and number of units designed pump station, equipment and civil construction requires minimal investment; 4, the choice of pump should be easy to operate and maintain, management costs less. The choice of agricultural pumps to determine the flow: flow = (total farm water + channel loss of water) / pump work time The amount of farmland water is difficult to generalize, according to the actual situation and farmers experience to decide. The total farmland water demand is equal to the product of farmland area and irrigation depth. Water flows through the channels, the amount of water loss channels also with many factors. The general loss of the pump is between 5% and 25% of the farmland water requirement. Pump working time can be determined according to actual needs. The choice of agricultural pumps to determine the lift: the actual lift can be measured on the spot, that is, from the water source to the channel surface water or farmland surface vertical é«™ degrees. If it is rivers and lakes, water surface should be dry when the water level as the standard. Pump selection In determining the head, but also consider the installation of the pump height. The maximum installation of the pump é«™ = water pump to allow the suction height - water absorption Head suction loss of water pump head, generally not on the caliber (8 inches below) pumps, suction pipe and not too long, according to experience, when the valve with water loss Head is about 2 meters, without bottom valve when the suction head lift close to 1 meter. Choice of agricultural water pump: After confirming the flow and lift, according to the performance of the pump, it can be compared with the matching power, efficiency, transmission and economic conditions to determine the appropriate pump type and model. The choice of agricultural water pump type: Centrifugal pump flow is small, high head, suitable for more than 10 meters actual lift; Axial flow pump, lift low, applicable to the actual head of less than 4 meters; Francis pump between centrifugal pump and axial pump Between, for 5 to 10 meters head. Selection of agricultural pumps Model: Pump selection flow and head should be with the above-mentioned to determine the flow and determine the basic lift, and should be the most efficient, shaft power minimum. Further Reading: pump valve pipe fittings Exhibition Water Expo Xiamen exhibition of marine equipment Internet + Forum Yiwu Fair 2016 exhibition mold top ten brands of the Internet information industry (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Yao Xiaoxia (QQ / WeChat:) (Service Hotline:)

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