Advertising implants another great tool on the road of the hardware industry brand

November 29, 2018

We are living in an advertising world, and our advertisements are filled with our eyes. Advertising is like a cell in this world, and it is placed in all aspects of our life, work, study and entertainment. Our eyes avoid the colorful light that the advertisements shoot; our ears can't get rid of the information about goods, services and ideas that come in from all directions; we can even smell the smell of advertisements and feel the existence of advertisements. Some advertisements, like bombers, like Tang Hao, are always in the ear, which makes people annoying; some advertisements are quiet, but people are willing to accept them, and their advertising effects are remarkable. Place-based advertising is like this, no time and no time, nowhere and omnipresent in advertising. Do hardware companies want to do advertising, and do they have to be implanted?

CCTV's advertisements for the Spring Festival Evening each year have become one of the competitions for many companies. As the implanted advertisements are used by many TV dramas, CCTV Spring Festival Evening is also commercialized. Some people directly joked that they are not watching the Spring Festival Evening, but watching advertisements. And many film and television production operations make full use of implantable advertising. Just released "If You Are the One 2", 20 implanted advertisements generated 60 million yuan, as a New Year film that the people of the country are looking forward to, the exposure rate is extremely high. Does the hardware company have any eyes?

In 2010, it was called “the year of domestic war” by many hardware companies. The strengthening of the status of the world hardware manufacturing center is first manifested in the overall growth of the export of hardware products in recent years. Not only the traditional export products such as power tools, hand tools and construction hardware products have a high growth rate, but also the kitchen appliances with a small proportion of exports. The export growth rate of products and sanitary products is also very obvious. The huge market and central gravity will further attract the transfer of hardware multinational manufacturing centers to China. Some brand-conscious hardware companies tried the title of the exhibition, the title of the website and the title of the event. The hardware companies have tried this year. Only the implantable advertisement has not been tried, done or not, brand marketing, Is the value still not worth it? Can I test water-filled ads?

From the main form of product placement, in the film and television drama, in addition to the actors can say hardware in the lines, as the props appear in the scene, in fact, there is no good form, but if these two applications are just right If you are able to make it small, let the audience accept it and drive consumption. For example, if there is a broken lens in the plot, you have to buy it, you will go to the home store, you have to have a salesperson to accept the tap.

In the variety show, the form of advertisement is more abundant and more direct. There are mainly prizes, guests and live audiences in the variety show, and the audience outside the show often have the chance to win prizes. The sponsor of the prize, in this case, few people object to the advertisement, because the prize is an important element of the program, and it is the focus of the audience inside and outside the audience; it can also be used as a program prop: this is to embed the depth of the product into the variety A good way to increase your exposure to your audience.

Hardware enterprise product placement ads are most likely to appear in online articles:

In the online news portal, hardware product placement information can be reflected in news reports of a certain brand or a certain enterprise.

In a personal blog or online forum, the advertisement placement information can be reflected as a blogger's comments or respect for a certain brand.

There are three ways to place the article placement advertisement: the first way, the hardware products can directly contact the online media or the personal blog owner to discuss the advertisement placement. In this way, the quality of the advertisement release location is guaranteed, but the cost is high and the release efficiency is high. low. In the second way, advertisers can contact a professional online soft-text advertising agency, which will put the customer's advertising information on hundreds of news media. This kind of publishing method is more efficient, but the advertising information is not guaranteed. And the cost is also high. In the third way, hardware products can select the advertising media and advertising positions to be released independently and in batches through the "Shangyu Soft Text Advertising Alliance", which is more efficient, the advertising position is guaranteed, and the cost is relatively transparent.

From the perspective of the subject matter, it is a special filming of a film and television drama, focusing on the brand's development history, cultural concepts, etc., to enhance brand awareness. For example, the TV series "The First Floor of the World" tells the story of the growth of Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant. "Da Zhai Men" and "Da Qing Yao Wang" are stories about Tong Ren Tang. Through a complete storyline, the audience is fully acquainted with the products and the enterprise while enjoying the cultural feast. This kind of implantation is more acceptable to the audience. The 100-year-old Zhang Xiaoquan is not going to be a TV series. The main content is about Zhang Xiaoquan's knife and scissors. This is worth our expectation.

Of course, the application of implantable advertising has not yet daring to eat crabs in the hardware industry. In the attempt, we must pay attention to the invisibility principle. The traces are too obvious, so that the audience can't accept it, which means that the brand can win the existing media. Scarce resources - the attention of the audience in a highly focused situation. Implicit advertising is rarely subject to conflict and rejection by the audience due to its irregularity and high relevance to the plot. From the perspective of consumer behavior, the placement of advertisements has a halo effect on the audience's consumption behavior, especially in the medium of sound and television such as TV movies, which has a strong sense of presence and forms a demonstration of behavior for consumers; In the film of Jackie Chan, Mitsubishi Motors is associated with “Courage and Adventure”. On the basis of deepening the influence of the brand, it has won rich brand associations and finally won wide recognition and brand value. This subtle influence is what sponsors dream of.

We are looking forward to the appearance of Zhang Xiaoquan's TV series, and I look forward to the hardware industry also being able to go further and better on the brand road.

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