A worker in Hefei crashes into a deep well helmet to save his life

August 31, 2019

“When I just turned around, people disappeared. Then I heard him yelling for help in the underground.” At around 8 o'clock in the morning yesterday at the intersection of Xiyou Road and Xuanyuan Road, 56-year-old Xu accidentally fell into the 11-meter construction deep well. . After the fire came to the area, the area was rescued to the ground. Master Xu was breaking down the ribs and was currently hospitalized.

According to Master Xu’s workmate, Master Li, more than 7 o’clock in the morning yesterday, six of their workers, led by contractors, came to the green belt in the southwest corner of the T-junction. “Because it was the first day of construction, we began to clean up the building materials when we arrived.” This construction is to drill down the steel reinforcement model in a well of 11 meters in depth, and then pour into the concrete, each of which has a length of nearly 12 meters.

"Which knows how much time it takes to turn around, we can't see the old man," said Master Li. "Then he heard him calling for help in the underground."

A co-worker quickly laid out the ladder and went down to Xu’s side. He found that Xu’s helmet was broken and the man could not move at the bottom of the well. After the firefighters arrived, the multifunctional stretcher was lowered along the safety rope. A firefighter affixed Master Xu to the stretcher and then the rescue personnel on the ground pulled out the deep well.

When the reporter arrived at the scene yesterday morning, he found that the construction site did not stop construction and the workers were still barring reinforcements. A worker told reporters that Master Xu had been sent to the Affiliated Hospital for treatment. "It's okay. Thanks to wearing a helmet, or else it will be tragic."

Yesterday morning in the emergency room attached to the Second Affiliated Hospital of An-mei, the reporter saw Master Xu. "The fracture of the lower right rib, the viscera is a bit contused. Fortunately, there is no danger of life," said the doctor.

"I was standing on the soil next to the mouth of the well and slipping into the well after I slipped." Master Xu said that he did not expect such a thing to happen. "Now it is a broken rib." Then, Master Xu transferred Into the heart and chest surgery observation and treatment.

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