40 flat small apartment decoration skills 40 flat small apartment decoration notice

November 25, 2020

Many people buy the duplex building of Xiaopingmi. The small duplex of the square meter is very suitable for the young couple to live in, so this kind of house has always been loved by young people. The 40-flat small-sized duplex decoration is not very difficult for many friends. It is difficult to decorate a different small complex. Today, Xiaobian will introduce in detail the 40-flat small-sized duplex decoration .


First, plan ahead

Since small duplex high-rise buildings are more than a high-rise building with only one floor, when planning small duplex decoration styles, it is necessary to do a good early decoration planning process, and it is impossible to get there at a glance, and the demand gradually gradually organizes its own decorative ideas. Take a routine and inform the planner to complete all the planning with their assistance.

Second, the overall design

Some people like to completely disrupt the two layers of decorative personality during the decoration of the small complex, and love the sudden feelings, but the careful brothers will find that even if the personality is different, the same method will be adopted in the decorative effect . It is very important to find common ground on some decorations.

Third, the materials are better.

Many people choose the best when they decorate the house. However, we have chosen the best information, the merchants have decided to give us the delivery is the information we choose. Small duplex decoration materials When we are purchasing, we can find the transport car to pull it away after the inspection, so we have to ensure the quality. Otherwise, the quality of the decorative materials purchased by other routes is really unsatisfactory.

The living room and various areas are reasonably divided. The living room TV wall is divided into two areas by the different colors to divide the downstairs and upstairs areas. The dining area and the living room to watch the TV area are also very good. The space does not use exaggerated colors and techniques to decorate. The crystal ceiling also eases the height of the space. The whole design looks neat and stylish, giving a very comfortable feeling.


Small apartment duplex decoration skills:

1. The focus of the duplex small-sized apartment is on the height of the floor. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the layer height when selecting the duplex small-sized apartment. If the floor height is less than 5 meters, dividing into the upper and lower layers will cause people to feel depressed.

2, the plan of the duplex small apartment is usually the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom downstairs, the bedroom, the study room is upstairs, so the entertainment area and the rest area are well separated, scientific and reasonable. However, the need to pay attention to is that

If the family has an older generation, it is not convenient to go up and down the stairs. At this time, it is necessary to plan a bedroom for the elderly downstairs.

3, since it is a small apartment, then any one of the spaces in the space can not be let go, the original double staircase is a good storage space, using the gap under the stairs, placed a ladder-like bookshelf or Customized a trapezoidal enclosed storage cabinet is very good.

4. When we decorate, we must pay attention to ensure the safety and stability of the double-seat stair treads. If the stairs are not against the wall, we advocate the installation of handrails on both sides to avoid accidents when going up the stairs.

The construction of a small duplex house is very important, we must decorate the important house. Because the requirements for small duplex decoration are higher than those of other houses, it is necessary to plan how to decorate in advance. The above is some of the problems that need to be paid attention to in the 40-flat small-sized duplex decoration introduced by Xiaobian. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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