310S stainless steel round steel is up and down

June 14, 2019

310S stainless steel round steel is up and down
As consumption and investment continue to pick up, the country's steady growth policy will increase, and the domestic macro economy will continue to improve in the fourth quarter of this year to the first half of next year. 310S stainless steel round steel, currently in the low season of winter demand, and at the end of the quarter, the funding side continues to be tight, subject to capital pressure, the traders' winter storage willingness is generally not strong, and the operating rate of 310S stainless steel round bar factory is still maintained High position, the contradiction between supply and demand has not been really alleviated; coupled with the recent increase in anti-corruption efforts by the central government, which has led to the extension of some large-scale projects to a certain extent, which has certain impact on the short-term demand for 310S stainless steel round steel, so we believe that 310S stainless steel in the short term The round steel market will continue the weak shock pattern, and it will really be better to wait until next spring.

On the demand side: From the time point of view, most of the investment projects are approved from June to August, according to the 6-month lag period, the actual 310S stainless steel round steel demand of the above projects (from the beginning of the preparation will start gradually before the start of 2013) In the new year, due to factors such as the European crisis, the US fiscal cliff, and the dispute between China and Japan, the external demand environment is severe, which makes China's 310S stainless steel round steel consumption growth, mainly from domestic demand, 310S stainless steel round steel External weakness

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