December 08, 2019

In September, entering the traditional decoration season, furniture manufacturers from all over the world began to actively prepare for the upcoming peak season. Xiaobian has learned from the market in the past few days that major domestic furniture malls have recently begun to

December 08, 2019

The market closed the reporters in the Beijing classical furniture market and found that many merchants have closed their doors, and the market is extremely deserted. Some merchants have marked the discount on the prominent position, and the merchants said frankly: "Now ev

December 07, 2019

If you ask people before 2008, what is the meaning of "DNF", they will probably open Microsoft Pinyin. After inputting, you will be told that the answer is southeast wind; but now, the words "DNF eats more" appear on the Internet for three days. Of course, i

December 05, 2019

On the morning of September 23, the “China Furniture Market Development Forum” co-sponsored by the Tongling County Government of Anhui Province and the Anhui Furniture Association and supported by the China Furniture Association was held in Tongling, Anhui. The foru

November 29, 2019

On December 6, the security system jointly organized by China Security Network and electronic enthusiasts created a safe and intelligent home-themed technical salon successfully held in Huaqiang Group Building No.2. Elites and technical experts from the security industry participated in th

November 27, 2019

On December 29, 2013, the Sichuan Household Products Chamber of Commerce and the Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Home Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce successfully held a New Year’s party meeting at the Airport Road Home International Hotel

November 26, 2019

Diaphragm pump in the industry, also known as the control pump, which is the main type of actuator, diaphragm pump is controlled by the modulation unit output control signal, with the power to change the flow of fluid equipment. It is generally composed of the implementing agencies and the valve. I